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Other People's Pantries #184

From Patty, in Chandler, Arizona:

We recently remodeled our kitchen and I'm really enjoying all the changes.


The top two shelves on each side of the pantry are stationary, and 24 inches deep, so they are used for things that I don't access often. On the left, the top pull out is full of bottles and jars.  The second is for canned goods.  I really like being able to pull the shelf out and see exactly what's in there and be able to reach everything easily.  The third is dry goods; mostly pastas and rices.  The bottom shelf hosts cereals and snacks.


On the right, the top pull-out is home to a great number of teas.  I'm sort of obsessed!  A few other drink related items round it out. 

The bottom three shelves hold the pans, serving pieces, and appliances that I don't use as often as the ones that are housed in the kitchen drawers and cabinets.


I have a spice drawer, next to my range.  The OCD part of me would love to have bottles or jars which are all the same, but I don't want to spend the money for them.  Not yet anyway!


I have two lazy susans.  The one that gets the most use is the one I refer to as my baking center. 


(I don't work for the company that makes Pam.  I won them all in a giveaway!)

I've enjoyed peeking into other people's pantries, thanks for taking a peek at mine.

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Great storage. If small kitchens had those storage options then they'd be fantastic.

What a lovely pantry. I especially loved your "tea shelf" as I also have a tea obsession and am happy to have found a kindred spirit! (Now I can tell my husband that there are others like me :-)) Enjoy your new pantry and thanks for sharing.

Oh, how I'm going to miss peeking into all the pantries! It's definitely a favorite and I love getting ideas from all these fabulous pantries. Love these pull out drawers!

I love everything about this pantry!

Hey Patty -I am in Chandler, too! And we just re-did our kitchen and I swear we have the same pantry cabinets and lazy susan's! Your organizing looks great!! (PS: scour the goodwills and savers in the area on a monthly basis or more - you can start picking up lots of glass canisters and baskets and cute baskets for $5 or less!)

OMG. That IS my mother's pantry. :)

Glad to see the Truck Farm represented in that spice drawer, too.

What a nicely done kitchen!

I don't want Other People's Pantries to end.
I love this pantry - the pull-out feature is one that I covet for my kitchen.
Thanks, Lydia, I'm hoping that the new feature will be just as special as Other People's Pantries has been.

how bout switching it to monthly?? i'm going to miss other people's pantries!!!

I have all my spices in a drawer too, in alphabetical order so everything is easy to find. Makes me happy every time I open it.
I love looking at other peoples pantries, please don't remove this feature, :-(

Ohhhh, we will miss our pantry peeks! Love those pull-all-the-way-out drawers!

Lydia, you tease!

Catching up on some late reading... but wanted to put my two-cents worth in to say "pull out shelves" are the best!

Can you pls tell me where to find a pantry like this.its exactly what we're desperately looking for with no luck so far. We're in Fl thanks so much. We really need it.

@Deb Harris:
It's from Kraft Maid & we purchased our cabinets through Lowe's.

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