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Other People's Pantries #183

From Teresa, in Williamstown, New Jersey:

Looking at the other pantries you've profiled, mine DEFINITELY pales in comparison, but I figured I'd send it anyway.

My shelves stopped WAY too short to the floor and I had a ton of wasted space, so rather than buy a big custom storage unit to hold all my baking supplies, I purchased a $20 shoe rack and assembled it so the cubbies could house each ingredient and the floor space was no longer a waste. It was either this shoe rack or a $400 custom closet unit I saw online. Eeek!


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Great idea.....thanks for sharing!

I love to see other peoples inventiveness when it comes to their pantries. This is an inexpensive solution to wasted space. Well done.

Ditto on the sentiments/comments already expressed. Ten thumbs up!

Ingenuity and thrift - great attributes and a wonderfully organized pantry.

I don't think that looks matter. I think that as long as your pantry is working for you and makes your life a little easier than you have the perfect pantry. Looks great!

Excellent idea! I got a shoe storage holder in processed wood at Target at a reasonable price a few years ago. I might recycle it to the pantry!

Very innovative, affordable and organized!

The shoe rack is a great idea! I like your baskets, too - and storing them where they're easily accessible makes so much sense. Thanks for sharing

I love this idea. I had a similar set-up and repurposed some rolling bins. Two fit side-by-side and I can roll them out to get the needed item. I also have one in the front too. It is a bit bulky, but waaaay cheaper than a custom pantry (which I sinfully want anyway!!!). Well done, you!

I love the shoe rack! What a great idea.

Brilliant! Thanks for sharing.

who needs shoes! But spices and such...now that is what I need!


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