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Market to Pantry #27: Farmers' market, Kocaeli, Turkey


From Mrs Ergül (Mrs Ergül's Kitchen Haven), in Singapore:

I would like to share the farmer's market near my in-laws' home in Turkey from our recent trip back in October-November 2011.

This farmers' market is located in Kocaeli, Turkey, just outside Istanbul. It opens every Tuesday and Saturday of the week.


Stalls start operating from early morning till the late afternoon where you can get the week's grocery supply in abundance and affordably.


Coming from a country that has NO farmers' market (most, if not all, of our produce is imported), imagine my excitement of seeing one. A huge one at that.


It would take a couple of hours to finish looking through all the stalls but we were already exhausted after being out and about that weekend.


Please feel free to visit my blog for more photos.

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What beautiful fresh produce. Mrs E - your in-laws are very fortunate to get to shop at such an amazing place.

Thank you for featuring my Market to pantry. :-)

Lovely photos- they remind me of the colorful bazaars in India- a feast for the senses.

Beautiful photos and I love the colorful bowls - funny how many farmer's markets are on tues/sat!

I love the woman vendor and her shy smile! Great that they sell the squash/pumpkin? by the half, the slice, or cut-up pieces. I wish our markets here did that.

Great pictures. the pumpkins are so big.

I live in the next country to your in law in Bulgaria.The Turkish markets are so much better than ours here,but can buy eggs and other veg from the villagers, lots in these small villages have to be so self sufficient its their way of life.We also get great butternut squash and pumpkins. Loved your pictures

This farmers' market is located in Kocaeli, Turkey, just outside Istanbul. It opens every Tuesday and Saturday of the week.

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