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Other People's Pantries #182

From Veee, in Austin, Texas:

My pantry is long and narrow so it isn't easy to take pictures but I hope you can get the idea. I have 5 shelves plus the floor along one wall. And one shelf above a clothes rod on the end.

Top shelf: wheat grinder, and overflow of pickles and jam. Next shelf condiments, pickles, olives.


Below that are fruit, vegetables, beans. Dried fruit in the bin, crackers, plastic and paper bags, foil, etc.


Powdered milk, all kinds of pasta and dry beans in the containers. Floor has oatmeal, cereal, sugarless syrups, canned tomatoes, oil, vegetables and fruit. Step stool.


Moving to the right, ceiling shelf has spices on turntables, tea, below that are soups, sugars, drink mixes. Below that are gum and candy (yes, we have a ton of candy), energy bars, dehydrated vegetables, oils. Peeking below is the shelf with the pasta and bean containers usually stacked 3 high. Are you asking "Do you really need every type of bean and every shape of pasta?" Yes, I do!


At the end is our coat closet and spa towel hooks. Stock pot, canning supplies, jumble of stuff.


It does look like a lot and it is because I try to have 6-12 months of staples. I have long term wheat, sugar, etc. in another storage spot. It may look pretty disorganized but I do rotate everything and try to keep like items together.

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I'd say Veee is very well supplied and organized!


Thanks for sharing. I tried the 6 month supply meme, but I found I could never rotate fast enough for the expire dates. In any event, you have a very nice pantry

Where are you ? as I noticed lots of tins I wish we could get here.Im trying to now store at least 3 months worth of food... hope to one day do as you do and go onto 6 months.Have been working on the extra space under our stairs which are in the kitchen... Your a luck Lady well done its a great Pantry

Sorry Ive just spotted you are in America.So please ignore the first bit of my last post

Definitely well stocked! I wish I had more room to stock up like that!

everything is bigger in Texas, right?
nice pantry and a "wheat grinder" is impressive!

I love it! A lot of stuff but if you use it and you like it - why not? The coats are a nice touch.
I really hope more pantries come in because I'd like this feature to continue!

Awesome! My kind of pantry!

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