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Other People's Pantries #181

From Pauline, in Bulgaria:

This year we finished renovating our village house in Bulgaria. It's five miles from the Black Sea coastal town of Primorsko. We have lived in Bulgaria for seven years and we are from the UK. I thought you might be interested in my little pantry which my husband built.




This large unit holds most but not all my tins and dried food.


My herbs are in a little trolley I can wheel to my cooker.


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Im a big believer in international trade......any chance you can export the husband to USA?

"your little pantry" is pretty amazing! WOW - a beautiful and functional piece of furniture - is your husband a professional carpenter?

Your pantry is BEAUTIFUL! And that range hood and backsplash ..and the wood counters? Gorgeous! so fun to see kitchens in other countries.

What a beautiful pantry and kitchen! You're lucky to have such a talented husband!

Absolutely beautiful job and a lovely kitchen! Adore the clean, simple lines. A relaxing and very enjoyable place to be I'm sure. :-)


Pauline, your kitchen is beautiful! Love everything about it, your husband's not bad either! LOL

What beautiful craftsmanship! Thank you for sharing!

Your husband does great work - he's a keeper! I also love to see kitchens in other countries; we all love style and quality, but it has to be functional as well - doesn't matter where we are cooking.

Thanks everyone for the lovely comments.My Pantry is full at the moment as we are into winter and there is lots of snow.If you have never visited Bulgaria please put it on your list of places to visit.In some places its like going back in time.I love this Country and above all its wonderful people

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