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Other People's Pantries #176

From Leon, in Glendale, Arizona:

I just got done building my wife's pantry.






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your wife is very lucky!

Leon, if you have nothing to do today, here is my address......

very nice carpentry.....thanks for sharing

that's what my dream pantry looks like!!!

Fantastic pantry!

I'm so jealous!

Simply beautiful, Leon. Thank you for sharing these pictures!

Leon, if you ever get tired of your wife, please come build me a pantry!!

Just kidding. I would never try to break up a marriage over a pantry. That would just be wrong.

Wouldn't it????

Jealousy does not even BEGIN to describe how I feel right now! This is FAB.U.LOUS!

Wow, you have done a beautiful job on this!

What a fabulous pantry! Love the vertical shelving for baking implements!

What everyone else said!!!

Leon, you have touched a nerve with many of us! I think some of us covet those marvelous wide slots for baking pans!!! Quick, are you ready to take orders?

I love the upright storage -- and she must be quite a baker. Leon, looks like you are well paid in goodies from the oven.

Leon, you do great work, is mine next?? :)

I agree! Lucky happy wife, happy life for you too! I love the slots for pans and trays. That gives me an idea for one of my pantries!

wow - I could move into that pantry!! nice job - maybe once the shelves are filled we can see it again?

What a great job you did, brother. She will really enjoy having that.........

Thank you all for the comments, and yes she is very happy with her pantry.

I agree Leon! The pantry looks great! It looks even better in person!

I have the most "Wonderful Husband" in the world. Thanks love my pantry.

That is one amazing pantry! Gorgeous job! :-)


Wonderful job leon! Debbie is so lucky.Marcy

I'm going to... twentieth what everyone else said. Congratulations, Deborah! When can you loan Leon to me?

Oh, Leon. I probably live less than 10 miles from you... This is a DREAM pantry! Is this a day job for you? Or a hobby? I love seeing how awesome the custom designed pantries turn out. The pan shelf is spectacular.

Whoa. That is amazing!!!! I have pantry envy right now.....

Very nice! Can you share the dimensions of this pantry?

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