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Other People's Pantries #173

From Kevin, in Powell River, British Columbia (Canada):

I've been looking at and enjoying your posts on other people's pantries. I recently gave mine a complete rebuild and thought I would send along some pics.

Back when I bought this house in 2005, the first thing I did was rip out the bathroom completely, so I needed somewhere close by to store tools. Just outside the kitchen was a closet built out over the top of the basement stairs, which was shallow at the bottom and deep at the top, lined with waferboard, and shelved with unfinished pieces of cedar siding. Perfect for tools. So it became the tool pantry.


Once the bathroom was (almost) finished and I was joined by a new partner, it became obvious that the tool pantry needed to become a food pantry. So we bought an IKEA cabinet which would fit near the current center of remodeling operations (it never ends when you have a house built in the 1930′s), moved all the tools into that and organized them much better, and emptied everything out of the pantry, including all the shelves and shelf supports.




[You can see more of Kevin's step-by-step photos here.]

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very very nice....well done!

nice before and after!!!

What an especially great use of space! I really like the fun red shelves... I'm guessing you chose that contrasting color to help hide the funny angle of the wall that you mentioned in the linked post and it looks like it worked like a charm!

Beautiful, did you can all that stuff yourself?

Thanks for the comments! The red shelves were partly just because we both like some color (we considered doing the shelves in a rainbow of colors, but decided that was overkill considering the color variety of food packages) and yes, to draw attention away from the strange angles!

Yes, all the home-canned food is stuff my partner and I canned, except for a few jars which came as gifts from friends and family. We do a lot of fruit every year, plus this year, several batches of salsa because we were overrun with tomatillos and green tomatoes.

I love the red shelves!

I would LOVE to be overrun with tomatillos and green tomatoes! And yes it never ends with houses - unless you buy new and move out a in few years before everything breaks!!

Carol, we were overrun with only two tomatillo plants, so it doesn't take much!

The house is 1930's vintage and probably self-built, judging by the random mix of materials and the strange construction we find every time we open something up. 10 years as a bottom-of-the-market rental before I bought it didn't improve things either. It's a long, slow process.

I'm very late on commenting on this one, but really terrific job! Love the red shelves against the white background, too. :-)


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