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Other People's Pantries #171

From Carly (Perfectly Pretty), in Alberta, Canada:

I like keeping things in clear containers so I know what, and how much, I have. I also believe that storing things in airtight containers help keep them fresher for longer.






[You can read more about Carly's pantry, and see more photos, on her blog.]

On Saturdays, for almost four years, we've peeked into Other People's Pantries. There are seven more pantries to share with you.

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It's beautiful in its simplicity, functional but also a work of art!

very elegant and organized. thanks for sharing. Do your containers hold a whole box of toasted oats?

Wow! It's so organized. I admire people who can arrange and keep their kitchen like this. It's amazing.

Lovely pantry! And what a pretty apron, too!

This beautifully organized pantry really appeals to me. (And I have those same bottles from Ikea!)

I love it, and I love the discreet labeling. Good things come from a kitchen like this!

Oh wow! I think this is my favorite pantry, so far. I love the idea of storing everything is clear containers. I also love the "General Store" sign.

What a marvelously organized pantry!

I agree with what everybody said above - a work of art!
That is how my kitchen looks in my head - now if I could just make it a reality!

GORGEOUS!! Wish my pantry looked this nice. I do have the same spice rack as you (gotta love Ikea). Good idea to just write on the side of the jars. Do you use a dry erase marker? I have been trying to decide whether to use stickers, but this might work better. So far, I just have to remember what I put in them!!

serious pantry envy!! ;-) Thanks for sharing

Your pantry is a dream for me. I LOVE all the beautiful and matching containers!

Thank you so much for everyone's lovely comments and to The Perfect Pantry for the wonderful feature!

Milton, yes, the containers will hold a full cereal box, but only the small size ones.

And Tina, yes, I use a dry erase marker to label the spices.

Thanks again everyone!

wow, this is almost museum quality, impressive but a bit to expensive for a single guy

I love how organize your pantry is! vey nice :) I tried to check your blog for more pictures but it would not let me, it asked me for a password?


Where did you get the glass jars from?

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