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Market to Pantry #24: Pike Place Market, Seattle, Washington


From Donna (Cooking + Praying), in McLean, Virginia:

The Pike Place Market is a huge tourist attraction. The throngs of tourists would make serious grocery shopping a nightmare, but it’s worth fighting the crowds to see, to smell, and hopefully to taste the incredible food that is distinctive to the Pacific Northwest.



The market has been at the same location in downtown Seattle since 1907 and it's open nearly every day of the year. The produce and flowers are gorgeous. There are warm doughnuts and craft vendors and street entertainers.


The world’s first Starbuck’s is in the Pike Place Market. But for me the highlight of the market is the local fresh seafood -- oysters and clams and Dungeness crabs and a wide variety of shiny whole salmon.

I bought a pound of smoked peppered salmon fillet (a mere $36.50 a pound!) that I intended to bring home in the airplane. It never made it out of Seattle. Expensive but worth it.


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Im moving to Seattle!!

I love this market! I've only been there once but I loved seeing the fresh seafood.

Donna, I love your colorful photos! And what a great write-up, too. I could almost smell the fresh fish while I read your post! And Lydia, this market sharing was a great idea. It's so much fun to e-visit all of these fun places all over the world!

A brief post, but it hit the best points! Wish I'd gotten one of those t-shirts (or hoodies) when I was there in 2010. It's such a vibrant market. Just loved it! Thanks, Donna! And I never get tired of these posts, Lydia.

Very cool. I could have gone for a bunch of those fresh crabs. I used to catch fresh crab all the time when I lived in Texas.

Fantastic photos!

really great photos - I might have to allow 2 whole days for visiting that market!!

I loved the photo of the tri-colored carrots. Yummmm. Next time I go to my hometown of St. Louis, I will try to get to Soulard Market there. I haven't been since I was a teenager but know it's still around.

Thanks for highlighting our amazing market! One quibble, though: It is GREAT for "serious grocery shopping" (as long as you're willing to schlep a bit---and don't try to drive there and park!) Some of the best, most affordable cheese, dairy, and produce in the city. Next time you're in town check out DeLaurenti's, the Italian grocery at the south end of the market. Worth a trip downtown in itself.

YUMMMY!!!It's only 4:55am and now I'm craving CRAB!

I want to go. Maybe for Blogher Food??

Boy, would I love to visit this market. Hopefully I can make Blog Her Food next year.

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