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Other People's Pantries #169

From Maurine, in Galveston, Texas:

I've been reading your blog for several years now and always enjoy peeking into other readers' pantries. I thought I would go ahead and share since I'm apparently never going to remember to take pictures on the same day that I remember to go to the grocery store!


We've got a nice big closet pantry.  The shelves are spaced somewhat awkwardly but I can fit some taller items in here and tuck them out of the way. The canvas bag holds all those extra plastic bags from the grocery store.


The top shelf holds lesser used items in bulky containers (I spotted some kind of protein shake back there!) and liquor/wine. The little half shelf works well for teas, which we might access several times a day, and items falling into the "powders that are added to liquids" category, including bouillon cubes, theraflu and rennet. The old school pencil sharpener came with the house and was probably a bigger selling point than it should have been. I'm a librarian--I couldn't help it.


I was pleased when I realized I could fit this shelving unit from the garage into the pantry--more shelves! It looks like we might need a separate closet for the cereal, which my husband says is like "dog food for people".


Our house was built in the 1920s and has very few built-in cabinets. A previous owner added the shelves and my contribution was the table that serves as storage and a prep area. The spice rack is a step stool I found at an antique shop. There's a lot of space in this kitchen, especially compared with the galley kitchens of my previous apartments, but I haven't quite figured out how best to make use of it yet.


I keep the oils and vinegars right within arm's reach when I'm cooking. My beloved bacon press is also pictured.

Thanks for letting me share photos of my pantry!

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I loved the space, the clean well spaced shelves and of course the spice rack on the preparation table

What a charming house! Absolutely love that last photo! :-) I must have my oils and utensils nearby, too. The previous one showing the brick (exposed brick inside houses is very appealing to me) and table prep area is cool, too. Great use of the step stool! We once lived in a farmhouse (the original part of the house was a log cabin built in the 1800s) that had an old-fashioned pencil sharpener. I adored that pencil sharpener, so I definitely get its pull. That house's pantry was very neat, too. It was basically a big square closet tucked under the eaves. Wish I'd taken a photo of it. Thanks for sharing Maurine and Lydia!


The old pencil sharpener ... yes, I can understand the attraction of that!
Your last photo is real art! I'm sure I'd love that kitchen.

Canvas bag for the plastics -- much better than what I'm doing, or, used to do.

Very nice, I love the step stool

I love all the haphazard shelves. I have lots of shelves but no real pantry and I so wish for one. I would love everything in one place.

We have probably 3x the amount of cereal in this house - hubby likes many types and I make 2 kinds of granola to add to it. We keep them mainly in plastic containers on top of the refrigerator.

I love the step stool idea. Really cute. I am so jealous of the bacon press. I want one of those badly.

The Cowgirl Creamery canvas bag caught my eye. I hear there's a Cowgirl Creamery in the trendy/foodie Penn Quarter in DC. I need to get down there and get lost in cheese for a while.

I agree the last picture is very artistic and the Cowgirl Creamery canvas bag is an ingenious storage idea not to mention very cute and I covet the bag! I'm the same way with cereal, it's usually BOGO at my grocery so I'm always very well stocked on cereal! I plan to snap a couple pictures of my pantry this weekend!

i love all that space.

Thanks everybody for the comments! Donna: that bag was from the Cowgirl shop in Penn Quarter. I was the prep cook there for a while--it was awesome getting to sample cheese every day. Risa: I like your approach to cereal storage. At one point I had 3 bacon presses and realized things had gotten out of control...I'm back down to one though the amount of bacon I eat has not changed. :) Shirley: the farmhouse sounds really neat. Peggy: we'll be on the lookout for photos of your pantry!

This feature makes me miss my pantry fiercely. I chuckled about your pencil sharpener comment - I used to be an archivist, now I'm a real estate agent. I've often seen buyers get quite taken with old pencil sharpeners - though they are more often found in the basement than the pantry.

I am charmed by your pencil sharpener and the inventive way you have used your space.

Late reader here...but I have to say I agree with everybody else..great artistic last photo, GREAT charming cozy kitchen and yes I love a good pencil sharpener too - our house came with one in the basement/workshop (and a "vice grip" too!)

Just wanted to jot a note as a oft-quiet newbie to this site who loves sneaking a peek inside others pantries. Thanks! And I just shared a link on my sharing post at RosieDreams. Cheers!

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