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Other People's Pantries #168

From Sarah, in Dix Hills, New York:

I decided to take the plunge and accept your invitation to share my pantry because I do enjoy seeing other people's pantries.

The first picture is of the pantry we had built when we renovated our kitchen about a year after purchasing the house ten years ago.


The second picture is a closer view of the lower pantry shelves.


The third picture is of a separate over-the-counter cabinet in which I keep baking supplies and spices.


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So easy to see eveything - you must be able to find what you need quickly. Or find what to add to your shopping list.

nice...thanks for sharing. Also, i noticed the panko.....I hope thats there to make Lydias 'famous' panko chicken recipe????????

So clean and neat - I love it! I spy the Penzey spices!! I use them too!

Very nice

I love how nice and neat it looks! ;-)

Wow, so organized... I have to dig through the stuff in front to look in the back of my pantry so it's hard to get organized. My daughter did make shelf labels telling what was on each shelf at one time but it's time for another reorganization!

Labels facing forward, you make my OCD soar with joy!

I really like the way you store the different kinds of rice. I think I just need to go ahead and get some containers for mine. It's so much more convenient than lots of little bags rubber-banded. :) Lovely pantry!

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