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Other People's Pantries #167

From Liz (That Skinny Chick Can Bake), in Indianapolis, Indiana:

I've just updated two of my kitchen pantries and wanted to share before-and-after photos with you. I'd collected way too many pans, etc. for my shelving space. We revamped the spaces to better utilize the square footage.

There are two pantries. The first is a utility/cleaning pantry. 



The second is my baking pantry.




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LOVE LOVE LOVE the baking pantry with it's spaces for pyrex, baking tins, serverware, etc. Wish I had the space for that! You must be a very serious baker to have 3 mixers!

Thanks for featuring my pantries today!!! Now off to look at your chowder recipe :)

Liz, I'm envious of the space you have! I want a peek into your chocolate pantry. Knowing your family, it must be a large one. :-)

shelving partitions are really nice....clever storage option. many thanks for sharing

I love them! What a fabulous way to store your bakeware.

The remodel is an awesome use of space! Good job!

LOVE those areas for vertical storage of plates, platters and pans. I'd kill for that kind of storage. Lucky you!!

Absolutely jealous here! What wonderful ideas!

Very nice! Great use of the space. Thanks for sharing the photos.

Great ideas! You have tons of slots! I wish I had that much space.

Your pantries rock. My husband thinks I have way too many baking pans but really I don't have enough. Now I use metal plate racks for them but actually want your closet.

Oh, those shelving partitions for baking dishes are awesome. I LOVE that idea.

Oh! I love those shelving partitions for the baking tools. What a great use of space.

Love the vertical shelf idea!

WOW - just when I thought I had wow'd out my wows.. WOWOWOWOWOWOWOW - what a great space saving solution for all the items!

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