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Market to Pantry #21: SoWa Open Market, Boston, Massachusetts


From Carol (Cabinet Stew), in Lynn, Massachusetts:

I finally got around to visiting the SoWa Open Market in Boston. This is the "South of Washington" farmers market.


I was pleasantly surprised by the vast offerings. The expected vegetable, fruit and flowers booths were there. (Many organic!) But there were also plenty of specialty food vendors (all local) and lots of craft vendors, too.


There is a whole fleet of food trucks present offering everything from the world's most expensive ($8!!!) big and messy all beef hot dog to Korean BBQ to vegan organic sandwiches.


I also had the best pickles ever at the Grillo's Pickles cart. Anybody who knows me knows that I am a pickle connoisseur!

The surrounding artist lofts are open and happy to show/sell work to the public. And there are quite a few design and furniture stores in the surrounding buildings as well. One of them even operates a cafe in their showroom. Another surprise was the giant indoor flea market. If you are an antiques collector, plan on spending time just checking out all the offerings.


I am going to make a point of returning to this market soon! And making sure I am hungry on arrival!

If you go here are a couple of tips...

  • Parking on the street is nearly impossible as most of it is "resident sticker" only and could result in a $50 fine! So pay $5 to park at one of two lots operated nearby or BETTER yet use public transportation and commit to some walking.
  • It operates rain or shine and can get very crowded, so get there when it opens at 10am to avoid most of the madness.
  • Bring your dog - they were everywhere making new friends!

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Sounds great! I grew up just south of Boston and went to college in the city, so I used to go to the Haymarket Square over by Faneuil Hall all the time. It was awesome if you got there at closing time. You would get all kinds of great deals. I left Boston in 93, so I'm not sure if this is a separate market completely or if the big dig forced a move. Wish I had something similar where I am now. :(

Very nice! It's really great when there are so many offerings and that silver is calling my name (I am so weak for silver). :-)

I was wondering if this might be the market we went to when I was there? If not, it looks like we should visit sometime just for the props.

Chris, this isn't the same market at all -- it's relatively new, and much more than food. Haymarket is still going strong.

Kalyn, this is exactly the same market we went to -- I think we were there in the first or second week of its existence. Apparently it's grown quite a bit, and the addition of the food trucks and an expanded flea market sound like fun.

Chris - If you have haven't been to Boston since 1993 (or in the last 4 years even) - You must plan a trip - you wouldn't recognize the place!

Shirley - You would have a ball in that vendor booth alone -never mind the whole place. I walked around with my mouth hanging open!

Kaylyn - What Lydia said!

Lydia - Thanks again for sharing this feature with your readers!

I went to SoWa over Labor Day weekend and it was a lot of fun! I really enjoyed the food trucks and jewelry vendors in addition to the farmer's market area.

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