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Other People's Pantries #166

From Francis-Olive (Farm to Table Geek and Tartine Bread Experiment), in Los Angeles, California:

Needless to say, with two blogs, I must be very organized and keep my pantry full. I'm all about the jars.






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I am a fan of the jars, too. But, more importantly, I'm a fan of the light providing, time telling, fur covered Jesus :)

Those bowls are so neat! And I love those jars... too easy to know when you're near out of something! but two questions, please: first, are they labeled or can you visually distinguish everything? Second, I hear that clear containers will often lead to faster breakdown of ingredients, due to more light... is that true?

Jars, yes, but it's about what's in them, and I see real 'jewels' in your pantry! I 'know' you from food52, and it's a treat to see where it's coming from.

What a great pantry, nice use of jars!

Beautiful photos! Love the jars, the library chair with its sack of herbs/greens, and those "splattered" bowls (we have one of those that's maybe 35 years old!). Other "props" are cool, too. ;-)


I am all about the jars too!! Nice photos.

Wow I love it! I especially love the bowls!

I adore my Jesus lamp too. Lol. Only on ebay can you find a biblical fixture that tells time AND sheds light. The fur trim, well, that's probably because I'm a San Francisco girl!

Hm, Vandye, I've not noticed a breakdown of any flavors or anything like that. I do keep my wheat and oat bran in the fridge. But I go through my ingredients pretty quickly, so, I don't think spoilage is an issue for me. And I don't label. I work with this stuff regularly, so I'm able to tell by sight. Except for the flours. I will label if it's Bob's Red Mill or King Arthur etc.

Hi Susie R! I've not been over to 52 for a while. I'm so busy trying to keep 2 posts on Farm to Table Geek and Tartine. Have a look at the new lamb roast post that I wrote. It was so fun to bone and tie the leg!

The bowls are all frome Ebay. Look for Melamine, and be aware of dimensions. You think you are bidding on a big bowl, and you end up with a teeny one. LOL. Which is fine enough. The larger bowls are harder to come by, as are the more dazzling colors, and when you do, you pay the price. It's easiest to get the browns and grays. I was entangled in some mean bidding wars for the yellow and red bowls. All worth it in the end.

Thanks for all the compliments y'all. I expect to see you at Geek and Tartine! Let's keep in touch, please send comments in the comments section of my posts so that I can keep track of your blogs too by clicking on your names. I use the links in my comments sections as my blog rolodex so I never forget to check up on my blog friends.


I love the set of Rachael Ray Garbage Bowls in lots of colors. I don't have one but I use all my big bowls the same way. Always one on the counter ready to collect scraps.

Very neat pantry indeed. I wish mine was as neat. It may be messy but I know where most things are. Rarely misplace anything. Right now the missing item is a bag of Penzey's Celery Seed.

What a wonderful pantry! I'm a big fan of your tartine blog, haven't seen the other one, but will now.

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