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Other People's Pantries #164

From Brenda (Meal Planning Magic), in Sugar Land, Texas:

We live in a smallish home in a suburb of Houston, but are lucky enough to have a decent size pantry compared to many other homes similar in size. Our kitchen was one main thing that sold us on the house, since having a large enough pantry was very important! One weekend, when I was away on a trip, my husband decided to surprise me by making custom shelves for the pantry.


All the pre-built size shelves were barely tall enough to hold a cereal box. Definitely not made with a cook in mind! So he ripped out all the shelves and built new shelves that were taller and deeper and could hold more things.


As you can see, I store most of our food in Tupperware containers (years ago I was a consultant). In southeast Texas it can get really hot and having everything in containers keeps things fresher longer and away from the humidity.


I have different "zones" for the pantry. I have a baking shelf, a snacks shelf, a canned goods shelf, a grains and pasta shelf and a cereal shelf.


On the pantry door I store all of my spices on a rack from The Container Store. Since I buy many of them in bulk, I store some of them in Tupperware spice containers. The spices are separated into sweet or savory spices and alphabetized within each category. That helps makes finding that certain spice so much easier!

Thanks for letting my share my pantry pictures with you and I hope it helps someone else be inspired to organize their own.

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Very nice....any chance i can borrow the hubby??, I pay very well; ice cold beer and any one of PP's famous recipes for lunch and dinner.

Very organized and well stocked!

Love your curved shelves.

I love the curved design, too. Very inviting! Great hubby. :-) Pantries are vital to the kitchen and therefore, the family. ;-) Clearly, your hubby gets that and how important your pantry is to you. Thanks for letting Lydia share yours with us, Brenda!


What a great surprise, very nice hubby. How nice to have so much space.

Nice pantry, love the curve!

Shelving on the door - always a good idea. Nicely done

Great surprise by the hubby!
I have to comment that the quality on actual Tupperware is always worth it. (nope, not a consultant just a consumer!)

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