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Other People's Pantries #163

From Alison, in suburban Chicago:

I really enjoy trying new spices, so the first pictures I did are of my spice cabinet. I don't have enough space in my kitchen, so this cabinet worked great. 



I also have a cabinet for my baking supplies.


It sure is nice having everything there. Except for the sugars and flours, they are in containers on the counter. 


I also have a cabinet for my oils and sauces. It's next to the stove and comes in handy.  


I used to dislike the main pantry, the doors were so ugly. I removed them and put on a curtain. I think it looks much better and gives it an old fashioned look.

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Love your butter churn! Do you use it? Or is it just decorative?

cat/curiosity thing.....how long, roughly speaking, does it take you to recycle through your spices? You have such an amazing spice cabinet that Im almost tempted to replicate it but most of my spices never get used up before they need to be tossed and replaced which i was told is about every 12 months? Anyway, thanks for sharing....your pantry is very nice

So neat and organized!

You own a lot of spices which I have a lot of respect for. A girl with lots of spices is an awesome girl.

Everything is so beautifully organized. LOVE that you have so many spices.

Your pantries really look great and I got some organizational ideas from you. I'm curious how long you keep your spices too. I have some ancient spices and although the have lost some of their power, I just add more.

love the curtain - we did that with all our bedroom closets!

A well-stocked pantry for sure, and pretty with so many of the same products the same brand. Love the old sugar dispenser. I think that's what it is. Thanks for sharing, Alison and Lydia!


Love the organization by manufacturer, I just have mine alphabetical, will have to see if I can duplicate your set up.

GAAAA! Love the butter churn! I have a vintage 10 gallon pickle crock sitting next to a similar cabinet (I use my crock to store sugar and flour).

Love your antique sensibilities and your spices!!

thanks so much for the nice comments. The butter churn belonged to my great grandma. I have never used it but me and my mom have talked about trying it one day. I've been told to keep spices for a yr, but I'll be honest and say I will keep them longer. I try to put the dates on the bottom of the containers. I will refill when needed. I kinda organize my spices by what I use them for. I have alot of Indian spices and keep them somewhat together. I really love trying new blends of spices.

what is the brand of the spices in the canisters on the top shelf? the packaging looks interesting

I was just looking at pantries and checked mine out again. Just saw your post Rachel. Hope you see this. the spices are from Spice Appeal.I really like that they are in tin containers with clear tops.

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