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Other People's Pantries #161

From Tony (Bearfort Lodge), in northern New Jersey:

I found you through Twitter while searching for information on pantries and canning. I just finished canning some rhubarb jam from my first rhubarb harvest of the year. Each year I can quite a bit of rhubarb, but with my pantry, which has limited space, chock full of daily items, I know I have to expand.


My pantry is actually in the stairwell from the kitchen to the basement, and sometimes it can be tricky straddling the step to reach items. I'm preparing to expand my pantry to an area in the basement and found inspiration on your site.




Here are some photos of the pantry in the stairwell. On the opposite wall from the canned goods I hang pots and pans.


I'm definitely going to explore the pantries you have presented on your site and incorporate some ideas into my new expanded pantry at the bottom of the stairs.

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Beautiful! I love the glow of the Mason jars. Hope you'll share the expansion too.

painted stairs just add to the great experience of seeing your pantry.....thanks for sharing

Now this is what I call good use of space!

That is a loaded pantry! I like the "half bowls" that are mounted on the walls and love the beautifully painted stairs. I've actually seen other stairwell pantries before. Maybe they'd be less tricky if one could somehow rig up one of those mounted sliding ladders like the ones used at libraries. (Of course, the ladder would have to flip up and out of the way somehow.) I agree that seeing Tony's new pantry would be fun, too. :-)

Love the painted stairs, great use of space, and I'm totally envious of your rhubarb harvest.

BEAUTIFUL! I adore the simplicity of this space!

Would LOVE to know more about those copper thingies on the wall to the left of the pantry. What do you use these for?

Thank you for sharing these pictures of your lovely log home pantry! I, too, would love to see the new basement pantry re-do.

And I'm so happy to hear that there are now 3 more OPP submissions... thank you to you 3, too!

(And Lydia, I've been meaning to mention... I love your darling new banner!)

Thank you all for your words of encouragement - Painting the steps was great fun and they look much better than the bare wood that was there before _ I'm glad you like them.

The copper half bowls are mounted on the door to the pantry - I had seen some online years ago and was inspired - so I made the bowls from copper sheet that I have and mounted them to the inside of the door and use them to store onions, potato, and various root stock.

I make quite a bit out of copper such as pot racks for the kitchen http://www.bearfortlodge.com/bearfort_lodge/2008/03/making-a-rustic-pot-rack-for-a-log-home-kitchen/ and of the like for storage and have even made my own copper bathtub and shower system.

I am working on my plan to expand the pantry at the bottom of the steps for lesser used items.

I have found so much inspiration for my pantry design on this site - Thank you all!


this is a wonderful pantry. I also have my stairwell to the garage lined with canned goods and pans because there is no room in the kitchen. but it does not have the style yours does. I love the painted stairs and copper bowls on the wall. it looks like the walls are log cabin style.

I love seeing the mason jars all lined up on the shelves. Your pantry is great. I'm sure the new one will look incredible!

Be still my heart. I totally love pantries filled with jars!!!

I love seeing the rows and rows of Ball jars. And those copper half bowls--genius! Thanks for sharing your pantry.

A pantry in the stairwell of the basement stairs is a classic and nostalgic- yours is made even better by those great painted stairs. But the real genius is in the expansion with those copper half bowls for the root veggies!! WOW! I think you could market those and I am totally jealous!!

Your pantry is beautiful! Such variety and abundance - makes me want to sit on the steps and just admire. Your website is awesome too. How do you know how to do so many things? :-)

Love, love, love your pantry. The wood is wonderful; I hope you keep that part of the pantry when you move downstairs. By the way; what are the strange, "half bowls" on the wall? Did you install these? How do you use? Thanks for sharing your fun pantry!

Thanks all! --

Linda - Thanks! -- yes the walls are log -- I live in a log home

Barefeet - Thank you - I keep the mason jars well organized, dated and rotate them. They are divided into sections for baking, cooking, preserves and such. What was not caned in jars is vacuum sealed. I should be starting soon the the lower pantry for additional storage.

Pam - Thanks! - the copper half bowls come in handy for storing root veggies.

Carol - Thanks! -- I'm actually working on a master form for my arbor press so that I can make additional copper half bowls of different sizes more quickly. Right now I'm designing and making other type wall hung storage containers from my stock of copper for my pantry and if they turn out well - who knows what may come of it.

Judy - LOL thank you - glad you like the site -- as for your question -- I don't know - I just take on a task and figure it out. I'm an avid cook as well - and I absolutely love this site - The Perfect Panty.

I hope to launch my own site for old time family recipes or my own.

Amy -- Thank you - Yes I will keep the current pantry for quick reach of most used items. The lower pantry will be much the same however the walls are field stone foundation walls - so it will be a much cooler environment for long term storage items.

I love the painted stairs! And the mason jars holding ingredients.... GENIUS! Just yesterday I took stock of my pantry and cabinets and then organized them so I can know what I have in there. I'm going to go back and incorporate the mason jar idea because I have a TON of them. How perfect is it I ran across this blog today. I'll be sending pics of mine soon.

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