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Other People's Pantries #160

From Amy, in Auburn, Maine:

We have a small home. My husband converted a small, useless breezeway into a cute little functional pantry that we love.


What was once a three door passage into a shed is now my favorite spot (almost) in the house.


On Saturdays, for more than three years, we've been peeking into Other People's Pantries all around the world.

*There is only one more pantry to share. If you'd like this feature to continue -- if you've been meaning to send your photos but haven't gotten around to it -- please send in your pantry photos. Here's how.

Market to Pantry alternates on Saturdays with Other People's Pantries.

*There is just one more market to share. Show us your favorite supermarket, farmers' market, ethnic market, big box store or roadside stand. We'd love to see where you shop for food.  Here's how.

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i love the way you have the cooking/baking utensils set up...very clever and unique

thanks for sharing this....and any time you want to 'rent' out your hubby.......lol

p.s. off topic, nice clock!

How cute does she have a full blog? Thanks for sharing this!

How wonderful a handy husband is! I just love the rack on the left hand wall and the items on it. It's personal touches like this that make all the difference to a home. Well done in making the most of the space in your home.

I like that butter yellow - what a cheerful color.

Small is often good. It's nice to find space that can be repurposed in a house.
Lydia, I hope this feature continues. I have loved it so.

Lovely pantry. So uncluttered. Your husband is definitely a keeper. :-)

terrific and kudos to hubby!
ps I love the paint color as that is my kitchen color too!

We have a small home. My husband converted a small, useless breezeway into a cute little functional pantry that we love.

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