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New from the archives: three fresh posts (Recipes: salmon fried rice, turkey meatloaf with fig sauce, raisin banana scones)


In the early days of The Perfect Pantry, I didn't know how to photograph the food I cooked. Keeping a promise to myself, and to you, I've been going back to update posts from the first two years, a few recipes at a time, adding new photos and repairing links that no longer go anywhere.

This month's updates feature reduced-sodium soy sauce, dried fruit, and white whole wheat flour.

Readers of this site can't help but notice that I love fried rice, and I'll toss just about anything into the wok to see what happens. This salmon fried rice (top photo) came about completely by accident; it was love at first bite, and it's still a favorite.


Turkey meatloaf with fig gravy, packed with dried cranberries and basil, sounds like an autumn dish, which makes it perfect timing for those in the Southern Hemisphere. I've served this meatloaf much more often in winter, but Chelsea, my summer intern, wanted to learn how to make it, so we took the opportunity to update the original post. And you know what? The meatloaf was just as delicious in warm weather, especially on a sandwich the next day.


Scones sound hard to make, but trust me, they're not. These raisin-banana scones call for just half a banana and less than 15 minutes of work. We usually think of scones as a brunch thing, but I love these with afternoon tea. The raisins give just the right amount of sweetness.


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All of these sound good to me, but especially the salmon fried rice, and I do sometimes have leftover salmon!

You're my idol, I've been wanting to do a food
blog too and yours is one of the best ones around. Thanks for all your posts!

Kalyn, I often buy a side of salmon and grill or broil it whole. Then I portion it into small packages to use for salads and fried rice.

Angela, so sweet. Thank you!

I think keeping a turkey meatloaf in the freezer and "setting and forgetting" into an oven = more time in the yard on a summer day! and turkey makes it "summer light" too!

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