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Santorini Sunrise strawberry smoothie recipe


Many years ago, before there was a restaurant on every corner of Boston's South End, a lovely couple opened a cafe on Columbus Avenue, a bit off the main street, with two tables outside, and half a dozen inside. Before moving to Boston, they lived on Santorini, where they ran a dry cleaning business. I don't remember why they came to Boston, but I'm glad they did. The cafe sold very strong hot coffee, ice cold smoothies, and a few pastries. The Santorini Sunrise, my favorite smoothie from their menu, uses vanilla frozen yogurt for the base, and fresh or frozen strawberries. You can slice and freeze the bananas, too. And if you close your eyes, you can picture the white-washed houses of Santorini, overlooking the deep blue sea, and you, sitting at a cafe and sipping a Santorini Sunrise.

Santorini Sunrise smoothie, made with frozen yogurt!

Santorini Sunrise strawberry smoothie

From the pantry, you'll need: frozen fruit.

Makes 1 large smoothie (2 servings).


3 large strawberries (fresh or frozen), trimmed and halved
1/2 banana, sliced
3/4 cup orange juice
2 scoops of non-fat vanilla frozen yogurt


Place all ingredients in a blender, and blend until the fruit is chopped and the ingredients are well combined. Serve immediately. 

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Isn't it amazing how the simplest things can create such warm memories? Thanks sor sharing!

The man looks refreshed, indeed!

I've been dreaming of fresh strawberry smoothies -- using the berries from our patio "rim garden." Alas, a chunky little robin is beating me to the ripe ones. Our pooch Lainie is out guarding right now, but I'm off to get some netting!

My mother used to make something like this, without the yogurt -- before we knew the word 'smoothie' -- always delicious. Thanks for replaying this in my memory, Lydia.

What a delightful drink and such a nice story, too... and great pics! I really enjoyed this post, Lydia!

Jodi, sitting at a cafe table in Boston wasn't quite as wonderful as sitting at a cafe table on Santorini, but daydreaming about it was lovely!

Mary, this smoothie, with frozen yogurt instead of plain yogurt, is worth guarding the strawberries for.

Susan, I wish my mother had been a more creative cook. I don't remember her making anything remotely like this, but I sure wish she had!

Countrygirl, thanks so much.

I see that we share the love of aliteration:)
I love the name "Santorini", but the island looks very forbidding, compared to the others on the Mediterranean:) I am still thinking of that huge earthquake that destroyed the Minoan civilization:) Scary! But I want to spend at least a day there in this lifetime.
My daughter makes something similar, and I can vouch that it is tasty!
BTW, thanks for your very thoughtful comment on my blog. You know that you are one of the very few that inspired me in the beginning (I read your blog from the beginning, always afraid to comment, not being a blogger myself - yes, I can kick myself now for it!)
My pantry is full of odd ingredients, and your blog is an inspiration for many dinners:)

Lovely, Lydia. I especially like that very cool glass on the tile mosaic background. :-) We all need this recipe for summer!


Lana, I always think of Santorini as an ideal; the buildings are always white, the sea always blue. Who wouldn't want to have a refreshment at a cafe overlooking the sea?! I'm so grateful for faithful readers, especially those who are inspired to start their own blogs.

Shirley, my husband made the mosaic for me, and the glass was also made by a local artist. I am surrounded by artists!

Fruit smoothies are a favorite in our house - my youngest has one every morning! This Santorini Sunrise strawberry smoothie sounds really good!

Love both the photos in this post and the smoothie sounds like it would be just perfect on a hot summer morning no matter where in the world you are. Of course if you could drink it on Santorini, so much the better!

Jeanette, kids love the fact that this has frozen yogurt in it. You can swap for regular yogurt, of course, but the frozen yogurt makes it special.

Kalyn, I agree, anything enjoyed at a cafe in the Greek Isles is better! This is my go-to smoothie in the summer when it's really hot outside.

when I win the lottery look for me in Santorini - I have always wanted to go there!!!!
Lately I have been making smoothies for my husband with plain non-fat yogurt, bananas, peaches, honey, vanilla and 2% milk! But I just started harvest my garden strawberries so now I can make this!

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