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Other People's Pantries #158

From Lynda, in Bath, Maine:

We bought a house in September and my husband just built me my first pantry, ever.


This Seller's Cabinet was my Grandmother's. My mom told me that Nanny wanted it for months and months, and looked at it wistfully in the store window every time she walked down Main Street. My Grandfather was secretly saving up for it and surprised her with it one day. I'm so grateful to have it! My Grandparents died before I was born, so these stories are very special to me. The sliding table to the right of the cabinet also belonged to my grandmother. My mom had it in our kitchen growing up. We used to cover it in flour and roll out Christmas cookie dough on it every year.


The left hand side is mostly canned goods. In my old cupboard, it looked well stocked but with all of this space, it looks sparse! The right side is processed/boxed goodies, pasta, cereal, coffee/tea, and supplies on bottom. The cupboards in the middle have extra pots and pans, serving dishes, strainers, etc.


The corner shelf holds paper goods, cleaning supplies, and the more attractive serving dishes. Giant pots on bottom.


Baking shelf with extra baking supplies. The baking cupboard in the kitchen is pretty full, I still need to move some down to the pantry.


Our freezer is kind of empty right now. Mostly bread, spinach and sausage links. Lately I have been giving double batches of things to my Dad instead of freezing them (my mom is in California trying to sell their house there, and if I didn't cook for him, he would subside on cream of mushroom soup straight out of the can). Some weekend, here, I will need to have a cooking marathon to stock up again.

That's it! Thanks for looking at my pantry. I love looking at other people's pantries every weekend, thank you so much for running this site and posting these every weekend. It's a lot of fun.

To read more about Lynda's pantry and see more photos, visit her blog.

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Your pantry is huge! I really like that you have history with your family's special pieces of furniture there. The memories are the best part of the entire pantry. I love it.

Your pantry is 'almost' as nice as the stories that go with it :)

many thanks for sharing and for me at least, sparking an interest in getting my pantry in order

What a beautiful and well-organized pantry! Love the history of your furniture pieces, too. :-)

Thanks for sharing another pantry with us!

what an awesome,organized pantry! I love your grandmothers Sellers Cabinet :-)

Wow--your pantry is as big as my kitchen. Love how you used the sentimental pieces and love the wall color.

Linda has a beautiful pantry!! I love her grandmother's pieces, they look wonderful! Everything is so clean and organized.

Thanks for sharing it with us :)

Great wall color choice here too.

I LOVE your pantry and the fact that you are using your grandmothers pieces. Very organized and lots of space to see what you have to use. I'm green with envy - I wish I had the space to do what you have done.

I am in awe of all the space, awesome! It's absolutely wonderful to have those pieces with such memories attached, I love the stories.

Only ONE more pantry to share, say it ain't so! I would share mine but I'm currently sitting in a house full of boxes in CT waiting to be loaded on a truck Monday morning and then we head to CA. Hopefully this feature will still be going strong after we find a place to live in CA and after we're all unpacked I can share my pantry. I look forward to this post every Saturday.

Congratulations on the new pantry. Of course, your grandmother's piece is the star! Do you know what the name 'Seller's Cabinet' means? And was it originally white? I am touched by the story, especially that your grandfather was so thoughtful. Where they also in Maine? and roughly what year? Is that enough questions? There were few things from our grandparents, and what we have means a lot to us.

A spacious, well-organized pantry filled with memories, good food, wonderful color and even artwork--what more could one want? Love it.

I Googled for more info the company that made the cabinet is "Sellers" thus the name "Sellers Cabinet" not Seller's. Oh yeah, beautiful pantry, I wish I had that kind of display/storage for my beautiful pieces of crockery/glass.

Love your pantry! Great storage with family pieces, space for those paper goods, separate baking area, and big pots, plus a freezer! Oh, I am green with envy!

Thanks everyone for your kind words! I have always wanted a pantry and feel pretty lucky that we bought a house with an unfinished basement so we could build one. Being married to a carpenter sure is handy!

April, I think "Sellers" was the company that made them. I don't know if it was white originally; I will ask my mom. I know lots of hoosier cabinets were white, but I'm not sure if those ones were wooden. I remember this one being olive green in photos from the 70's, but it was short lived. Thank goodness. :)

Yes, my Grandparents were in Maine as well. They were born in 1901...their parents were from Maine as well, since the early 1800's. :)

Beautiful, spacious pantry--lucky girl! And look at all of your rolling pins!

Wonderful pantry and great history.
Can I move in?!!! LOL

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