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Other People's Pantries #157

From Toni (Toni's Kitchen Diary), in Austin, Texas:

My pantry is relatively small (3.5 ft by 3.5 ft by 8.5 ft tall). I installed Elfa shelving in place of the standard fixed shelves. What I love about the Elfa is that the shelves can be moved around to customize the space.


I was inspired to reorganize my pantry after reading a "Good Housekeeping" article about Jamie Lee Curtis' organizing tips. Sadly, the online version does not have her kitchen pictures, featuring deep drawers filled with plastic containers, each labeled on the top. Her tips about making product packaging more pleasing to the eye really intrigued me; it seemed so "doable."


Armed with my trusty label maker and some clear plastic organizers, most of which I had on hand already, my daughters and I spent a couple of hours repackaging and labeling my pantry contents.


Read more about Toni's pantry on her blog.

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A wonderful small space kitchen! Nicely done. :)

Inspiring! Thank you.

This is great! Light and bright and organized, all the things a pantry can be. Thanks for sharing.

I like your plastic bins and their placement. Great job!!!

What a wonderful space--and I love the organizer on the door.

my pantry looks similar to yours, so i have to say, best pantry evah!!! haha Only difference if course is that yours is nice and neat and tidy

You've made great use of the space! I love the labeled white lids. It makes for such a clean look! Nicely done!

Excellent redo of your pantry!! great use of space!

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