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Recipe for broccoli slaw salad with cranberries, almonds, and yogurt dressing {vegetarian}

Broccoli slaw salad with cranberries and almonds

As good as this broccoli slaw salad would be on your Spring holiday table, it would be even better at a picnic. I am ready for eat-outside-in-the-sun weather. Oh, yes I am. This salad, with sweetness from both the dried cranberries and agave nectar or honey in the dressing, will win over reluctant broccoli eaters of all ages. I start with a bag of pre-shredded broccoli slaw from the supermarket; if you can't find it, julienne your own mix of peeled broccoli stems, carrots, and red cabbage or radicchio. If you have sliced raw almonds in your freezer (and you should), toss a large handful directly into a hot, dry frying pan, and let them crisp up. That's the only cooking involved.

Broccoli slaw salad

Broccoli slaw salad with cranberries, almonds, and yogurt dressing

From the pantry, you'll need: almonds, dried cranberries, extra-virgin olive oil, rice vinegar, agave nectar (or honey), Greek yogurt, Dijon mustard, kosher salt, fresh black pepper.


Serves 4-6.

1/4 cup sliced raw almonds
1 12-oz package store-bought broccoli slaw
1/2 cup dried cranberries
3 Tbsp extra-virgin olive oil
3 Tbsp rice vinegar
3 Tbsp agave nectar (or honey)
3 Tbsp Greek yogurt
1-1/2 tsp Dijon mustard
1/4 tsp kosher salt
1/4 tsp fresh black pepper


In a small dry nonstick frying pan, toast the almonds over medium heat, shaking the pan frequently, until just starting to brown. Remove from heat and set aside to cool.

Add the broccoli slaw and cranberries to a large mixing bowl.

Combine remaining ingredients in a large measuring cup or mixing bowl. Whisk together until the dressing is smooth and emulsified.

Pour the dressing over the broccoli slaw. Add the cooled almonds, and stir well to combine. Let sit for at least 30 minutes or up to 4 hours, stirring occasionally to redistribute the dressing that will settle on the bottom of the bowl. (On warm days, refrigerate until ready to serve.)

Serve at room temperature or cool.

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This is perfect for a picnic (and yes, I am ready for that weather, too). The yogurt dressing is lovely - a little tang and a little sweetness.

Oh yes please (both on the longing for out-in-the-sun weather and for the salad!) I am putting broccoli slaw mix on my shopping list. I've never used it but it sounds like something I would absolutely love!

I love broccoli slaw! What a delicious looking version of it here!

I do have almonds in my freezer always :) This is exactly the kind of salad I love!

This is my kind of salad - nice and chewy.

Still not time to think about picnic, with the way the rain is messing around with us in NY, not to mention the dropping temperature playing hide and seek with us :-)

Lydia, this recipe, more importantly the dressing sounds so interesting, could eat the dressing by itself!


I have never tried broccoli slaw before (not sure I have ever even heard of it) - but this looks interesting and like it has potential. Will have to try it!

Cookin' Canuck, I know you've had more Spring snow than we have, so yes, let's get Mother Nature to send us some picnic weather!

Kalyn, broccoli slaw is one of the convenience foods I really love. I've definitely been eating more broccoli (the stems, which are my favorite part) since I started using the pre-cut slaw.

Aggie, I love it too.

Pam, the toasted almonds add a lovely crunch. I think pecans would be delicious as well.

Pauline, same here. You'll love this one.

Sri, you're right, of course; the sweet-tart dressing really pulls this all together and also would be great with other types of vegetable salads. Enjoy!

Lily, I think that broccoli slaw is a fairly new product (or maybe I just never noticed it until recently). There's nothing in it but julienned vegetables, and I like it both raw and cooked.

The broccoli slaw at the grocers always looks so tempting Lydia!!

This salad sings to me--can't wait to try it today! (I just happen to have all the ingredients on hand.)

Bellini, my store doesn't always have broccoli slaw, but when they do, I make this salad. Honestly, I could eat it every day.

Judy, you'll love it. I'm certain!

This is definetly something I will make. The yogurt dressing looks amazing. I like that it doesnt require any shredding!

I always keep a variety of dried fruit and nuts for baking, and love to throw them into salads. The combination of sweetness and crunch adds nice texture and variety to any kinds of greens.

I like tossing in some shredded chicken for a complete meal. When I make this (which is not nearly often enough), I try to make sure I have plenty to bring to work to keep for lunch. MUCH cheaper (and better) than the work cafeteria.

broccoli slaw is convenience food around my house and I dress it traditionally with "coleslaw" dressing and to make a nice alternative on pulled pork or with just plain hotdogs. But I like your dressing better!

One of my favorite salads includes dried cranberries and sliced almonds with mixed greens and a poppyseed dressing, so I know I would love this combination of flavors and textures. Broccoli slaw is a very handy thing to pick up, especially when you can turn it into something this tasty. Great recipe, Lydia! Think I'll try it on Tuesday for my support group meeting. :-)

Nice work. I love easy salads in the spring and summer. This looks great!

I love broccoli, I love almonds and I love yogurt so this is a great match. I think I would substitute raisins for the cranberries.

This would make a great lunch-break snack.

I love this kind of exotic-strange mixes. This salad looks delicious!

I just made this and I must say the dressing is amaaaazing!

If you have a Trader Joe's near you, they have wonderful organic broccoli slaw--now I can't wait to add this dressing to it!

Teresa, thanks so much!

Jane, I've used the TJ's organic broccoli slaw. It's great.

What do you think about golden raisens instead of cranberries?

YUM! I didn't have yogurt so I subbed Mayo. I have to limit sugar so I only used 1T agave plus 6 drops sweetleaf plain stevia. It was plenty sweet for me. Wonderful recipe, thank you!

I have made your recipe several times. Most recipes feature mayonnaise as the dressing base so I really like your version with yogurt.

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