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Other People's Pantries #153

From Miranda (Mangoes and Chutney) in Mableton, Georgia:

I just recently finished re-doing my pantry and kitchen cabinet spaces and I am so excited about it! You know you are a food nerd when this sort of thing is what makes your heart go pitter patter.

This first photo is my spice cabinet above my stove -- all of my savory spices, cooking oils and wines. I'm running out of room, so it is making it hard to expand.


This is my baking cabinet. Flours, spices, food colorings, chocolate. I used to have four white canisters, but one day my brown sugar decided it didn't want to be cooped up in there anymore. Literally, just jump off the shelf. Really.


Lastly, my pantry. I love my pantry -- probably more than I should. I would really love a walk-in someday, but if it were a walk-in, I would really be in trouble. I shop at Costco for some bulk items, so it can get pretty full sometimes. The top is filled with cereals, chips and snack bars. Second shelf has my oils, bulk spices, condiments, nuts and canned items. Next, rice, beans, pasta and popcorn. Yeah, don't mind that big jar of animal crackers, it just had nowhere else to go! The last shelf has our drinks. Sodas, juice boxes, vitamin waters, skinny waters. What you can't see on the ground is the paper goods (napkins, paper towels), dog food and my step stool.


Thanks for letting me share. I hope you enjoyed taking a peek inside my pantry!

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Your pantry is fantastic. Thanks for sharing

Everything is lined up so nice and neat!

Your pantry is fabulous! I especially love those white canisters. Do you remember where you bought them? I just love the shape of them. Thanks for sharing with us!

Thanks for looking!

I always love peeking into other peoples spaces. Wish my cabinets would stay tidy. LOL

Great pantry. Have all the stuff you need and it's so organized.

with space to grow!!

I got those white canisters from my husband as a gift a couple years ago, but I believe he got them at Bed, Bath and Beyond.

Looks like you really like things "HOT" with the giant containers of cayenne and the giant bottle of hot sauce!

Your pantry is so clean and organized!! Just a word of caution, putting your spices about your stove is a way to have them go bad...the humidity and heat up there can cause the flavors to ruin. I know from experience!!!

Very neat and practical.

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