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Other People's Pantries #152

From Amie (My Retro Kitchen), in Broadview Heights, Ohio:

After living for 4 years with horrible storage, my husband and I finally just redid it and now I am in heaven! I wish I would have taken before and after pictures because the transformation is HUGE! But all I have is my new beautiful one, and that is really all that matters.

This is what used to be the only pantry I had! Everything had to squeeze in there, and made it impossible to find anything. Way overcrowded and soooo unorganized!


Now it is where I store my spices, home canned goods, chocolate morsels and different drinks (coffees, teas, cocoas, mixers, etc.).


And the next photo is the coat closet that we turned into our wonderful new pantry!


Top shelf: appliances that are not used every day. Second shelf: red bins filled with place-mats, lunch bags, and other odds and ends. Third shelf: oils, vinegars, condiments, packet mixes, canned goods. Fourth shelf: noodles, rices, nuts and dried fruits, snacks. Fifth shelf: crackers, oatmeal, cookies and other boxed items. Sixth shelf: flours, sugars, different bread crumbs and other baking items. Floor: paper goods, bin full of onions, potatos and squash, recycling bin.



I wrote all about my pantry transformation on my blog. I hope you'll come visit!

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Organization and bounty - got to love it!
Thanks for sharing.

Off subject I know, but what did you do with the contents of the coat closet? My house only has hooks on the wall by the door where we enter, nothing where the 'front' door us. The space is easily overwhelmed, and I'm sure not giving up my pantry for coats!
Thanks for the peek.

I turned my linen closet into a sundries storage (plastic bags, foil, waxed paper, bottle hand soaps, shampoo, toothpaste, Q-tips, dishwashing tabs, window cleaner, etc.) area, as for my linens I have enough cabinet space in both bathrooms for towels, and enough drawer space for dishtowels in the kitchen, and I keep my winter linens in plastic storage containers in the master walk-in closet, and my extra summer bedding in dresser drawers. I can see how a coat closet would be much more useful as a pantry instead of a coat closet, but I live in Arizona were coats are few.

Thanks for taking the time to post all your pictures and comments.....much appreciated and enjoyed

I bet that feels GOOD :)

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