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Market to Pantry #15: Christina's Spice and Specialty Foods, Cambridge, Massachusetts


From Adrienne (Hungry Bruno) in Somerville, Massachusetts:

I took these pictures almost a year ago and I've been meaning to send them in for ages! This is Christina's Spice and Specialty Foods store in Inman Square, a neighborhood in Cambridge, and this is where I shop for spices. They have great homemade spice blends and an enormous selection and the prices are crazy low, plus I like buying spices in little bags and transferring them to the jars I already have at home.



They also carry big selections of dried mushrooms, dried chiles, hard to find British and Indian foods, lots of teas, rices and beans.


Not only is it a great place to buy spices but it's right next door (owned and staffed by the same people and separated by a little hallway) to Christina's Ice Cream which serves some really wonderful and unusual flavors.


It's always nice to have a treat after the oh-so-arduous job of restocking the spice cabinet!

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Now that is a store to be jealous about......wow! thanks for posting

I love Christina's! Great selection of hard to find spices, and always top-notch quality.

WHAT! This was here the whole time in my neck of the woods and I had no idea! (I work in Boston)
Now I have to go yell at my husband why he hasn't told me about this place :) (He is a native of Cambridge.)

Ooooooh, now that is a store where I could get lost.Wow. I LOVE it!

Love, love spice shops! I feel like I'm in a Middle Eastern bazaar when I visit one. It's always a shock when I leave and am back outside on the sidewalk and busy street.

Exciting!! I can be there in 2 weeks... time to do inventory.

I love this place! Of course, I am just a sucker for the ice cream shop right next door. I was just there a little over a week ago and posted about it on my blog!

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