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Other People's Pantries #149

From Kristen (Bingo Pajamas! When Good Things Happen!), in Buffalo, New York:

Dear Husband and I bought a fixer-upper and gutted the kitchen, so for now my pantry is this chrome shelving unit we got at Lowe's. It is serving me well while DH is working on my kitchen.


Thank you for letting me show you my pantry!

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Great move getting the chrome shelfing. Once the kitchen is done the chrome shelving will be perfect for storing lots of other things--bulk food, big pots and pans and serving dishes--or whatever else suits you. It's useful to let the kitchen evolve over time so you have time to work out the kinks. Good luck!

Reminds me of my second kitchen after being married - we had shelves like that because there were only enough cabinets to hold our dishes!

so thats where my slow cooker is!!!!!!!!!! haha

i bet AD* could do a whole spread on post modern Dear Hubby kitchen pantries leaving you in the enviable position of being know as founder of the DHKP** movement

* architectural digest

** Dear Hubby Kitchen Pantries

I had those same shelves in my restaurant in CO and we have about 5 sets here at home. They are amazingly easy to assemble (especially when you get around to the third one...) and easy to keep clean. I've noticed that some brands include the plastic shelf liners which I prefer for bottles that might have an oddly shaped bottom (think 2 litre Coke bottles). We also have gorilla shelves for heavier, bulkier items. LOVE how you have the shelf set up!

What a wonderful opportunity to reinvent -- and maybe you'll want to keep some aspect of the visable shelving. When I think of all the missing pantry items, somewhere on my shelves...!!

Please explain of meaning of term Dear Hubby Kitchen Pantries.


Wow, that is some beautifully organized shelving!

I like it! It's got to be much easier to find everything with it all visible instead of hiding in cabinets. Of course if I had shelves like that I'm sure mine wouldn't be nearly as organized as yours ;)

I want to thank everyone for the lovely comments about my pantry. One day when the kitchen is finished I will have more stainless steel shelving & open shelving.

I would like to know more about this "Dear Hubby Kitchen Pantries"

Thank you all again! You are all so sweet!

looks great Kris! suz

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