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New from the archives: three fresh posts (Recipes: chicken tagine with prunes and almonds, chipotle meatloaf, Napa cabbage salad)

Chicken tagine with prunes and almonds

Keeping my promise to update a few posts every month from the days before I photographed the food I cooked, I chose three recipes I absolutely love, but, for some reason, hadn't made for ages.

Chicken tagine with prunes and almonds, cooked in a traditional tagine or Dutch oven, never fails to outshine everything else at the table. With just ten minutes of prep time, and an hour on the stove, this dish should be in your repertoire for entertaining.

Gingered Napa cabbage salad

When I first posted the recipe for gingered Napa cabbage salad, chicken was a key ingredient, but when I revisited the post to update, I decided to go meatless. Now it's a lovely vegetarian side dish that can do double duty as a main course salad. I think cashews would be a great addition, and of course you can add slices of grilled chicken, pork or beef, too.

Chipotle meatloaf

I don't often make meatloaf, but when I do, this chipotle meatloaf is one variation that's easy to make with a pantry ingredient I always have on hand: chipotle peppers in adobo. The meatloaf can be spicy or not, and, like all meatloaf, it tastes even better on sandwiches the next day.

Going back through the archives to update the photos and links on some of my older posts, I'm finding forgotten recipes -- quick and easy to prepare, with a big wow factor -- that need to come back into our weekday and workday menus.


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I made the chicken tagine when you first posted it, and it was wonderful. Now, with a little "eye candy" to inspire me, I'm likely to make the Chipotle Meatloaf. Looks fantastic!

I made my own chipotle meatloaf today, though not using exactly your recipe. Came out very well!

Great photos, Lydia. Chicken tagine: one of my favorite dishes!

A lovely revisit of these recipes. I am a big fan of chipotle, too!

TW, this meatloaf was really good (again). If I hadn't been serving it for a party, I'd have added a bit more chipotle. Of course.

Lucia, so glad this inspired you.

Christine, this chicken tagine, which is the mainstay of one of my class menus, is still my all time favorite.

Alta, it's really fun for me to dig into the archives and rediscover dishes I haven't made in a long time. I'm glad it's fun for you, too.

That chicken tagine really caught my eye. I am bookmarking this one, Lydia!

I have a Napa cabbage in the fridge, and this salad with ginger is making my mouth water...

loved the trio of recipes, the meatloaf in particular....

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