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Other People's Pantries #148

From Leah, in Williamsburg, Virginia:

Ages ago, I resolved to take a photo of my pantry drawer for you, in all its nonfunctional glory, the next time it did its trick of overbalancing and landing on the floor when I pull it out too far. So here it is.


The moral of this disaster is that when you're laying out the cabinet design for a kitchen, give it some thought and think about what you actually need to store!


The other three shots are on the other side of the kitchen, where I keep my baking equipment, and if you're thinking that maybe I have some skewed priorities, you're right. I've got a lot more space devoted to baking pans and racks than to actual food! Something's definitely wrong with me.


The only moderately clever thing I've done in my kitchen is to figure out how to hang wire shelves in the back of a cabinet's blind corner, so that I don't have to stack pans too high.


So, for better or worse, here's my pantry!

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i have those corner stacking shelves too, I got one at walmart and I stash my non-stick pans there, works like a charm!

well now i know where to go to borrow a baking pan!! haha thanks for sharing your pantry

Nice post, Leah, thanks for keeping it real!

Someone else with more pans than food. I don't feel so alone!!

@homegrown countrygirl: Thanks! I'm nothing if not real.
One of the ironies of my kitchen is that we actually took out a closet-like pantry when we set the kitchen up. The kitchen needed to be gutted because of a fire, and the pantry was smack in the path through the room, so we traded it for a much better floor plan and a lot more cabinets...we just didn't plan those cabinets very well.
I hesitate to say it, but the baking pans shown are only the ones upstairs! I've got a lot more in the basement.

So happy to see another cupboard like mine though I have one full of
food that falls out too, whew. Thanks!

The only problem I have found with my own pantry is that now matter how I organize, I don't gain more space. Thanks for sharing your pantry, I enjoy the peek factor!

Leah, Leah, Leah! We need to send you some help. :-)

thanks for keeping it real.
@ Melynda- I feel the same way!

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