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Other People's Pantries #147

From Greta, in Noblesville, Indiana:

For years now I have examined, studied, and stood in awe of pantries. I loved the idea of being able to walk in and find what you want without a constant search. This year when everyone asked me what I wanted for my birthday instead of the usual "whatever is fine" answer I knew. I want to do my PANTRY. 


Before I had three wire shelves in my 6x9 walk in pantry that lined the back. Sure it was functional to an extent but making things sit correctly on wire shelving drove me batty at times! Pricing out custom shelving for the area was an eye opener. There had to be another way! 


Voila (enter hallelujah music) IKEA! My wonderful husband and I built this shelving unit in two days using Ikea billy shelving and some trim.



Now I love my pantry! It serves my need to prepare meals more efficiently and look pretty (I had installed a glass door years earlier so this was a necessity!) For all those people who think things have to be expensive to be pretty I say shop around! The majority of the glass in this pantry was bought from my local Goodwill shops and 50% off sales at Hobby Lobby.

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wow! How pretty! It's nice to see another pantry from Indiana too :)

Lovely! Ikea Rocks!

That's hot. Mine looks like that only in my mind :-)

WOW! I'd say that is a "Perfect Pantry"!! I'm in awe.

Stunning pantry . . .Lucky you to have a great husband that makes your wishes come true!

What a great pantry!

That! was worth waiting for!

Speechless - that is a beautiful pantry...

Wow! It's lovely. How do we top this one? I have wanted to post pictures, but mine is efficient but sparse with just hubby and me.

Deborah, we'd love to see your pantry! The fun of Other People's Pantries is seeing how we all approach things just a little bit differently. Big is beautiful. Small is beautiful. Please share.

Thanks everyone for all the kind words! I love this site and being able to get ideas for everything from storage to different and interesting foods!

One of the most beautiful I've seen!

That is a gorgeous pantry!!! I haven't had a large pantry in almost 3 years now. Can't wait to buy our house so that I can work on mine. I daydream about it quite often. :)


Greta, this is stunning!
Could you identify what's in the 1st photo, left, 2nd shelf down?

Pantries are really great. This one is a beauty!

Beautiful! Now back to my IKEA catalog to view their shelving with a more creative eye. Oh I almost forgot, Goodwill I shop there often, and you're right there are wonderful bargains to be found there.

Angela, On that shelf I have my cereal dispensers. Most likely they are filled with cheerios, Granola, and Raisin Bran. I consider this "bookcase" to be my snack area and yes I do snack on cereal lol. The candy jars have gum, fruit snacks, mints, and jolly ranchers (my husband is an addict). Below that I keep my healthier items like almonds, trail mix, dried fruit. Baskets contain various crackers, microwave popcorn, my terra chips, and other treats that I rather not move into jars.

Ann, Ikea billy shelves are the sturdiest and are both well built and economical! The wider shelves are only $59 and the smaller are $35. Definitely worth getting creative with these!

Congratulations on getting your beautiful pantry together! I'm sure it will inspire many meals.

This pantry is a thing of beauty! Not only do I love the Billy bookcases, but I love the colors. Did you alter them by painting the rear and side walls black or did they come like that? Gorgeous and useful... I love it.

Tiffany... I painted them. If I had planned better I would have just bought the black ones and used white trim to dress them up but I didn't think about that til later. I wanted the inside to be black so the food stood out more! Painting them was such a hassle as I had to sand and primer and paint. If you decide to do this I would recommend buying the black shelves and trimmmng with white trimwork.

Well, Greta, your hard work was absolutely worth it. These are exquisite. I am saving your photos for inspiration on my own pantry!

Fantastic - I am moving in! (to the pantry that is!)
I love the billy bookcases - I used them with the glass door option along one wall of my home office - looks great and built in - no one even thinks they were a bargain!!

If I could have a dream pantry...this would definitely be it. Love love love this!

how many billy shelves did you have to buy to get this look? and please share what trim you used.

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