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Other People's Pantries #146

From Donna (Learning to Pray), in McLean, Virginia:

I was desperate for space. I cook a lot and have almost as much equipment as I need. (I'm easily attracted to shiny objects and I'm always coveting just one more gadget, pot, knife, serving dish, etc.)


I have a little old townhouse with not enough storage space in my kitchen. However, my front hall closet, which is adjacent to my kitchen, is deep.


I was able to have shelves installed in the hall closet to give me spill-over storage space for kitchen things.


So now I store all of my non-refrigerated food in the hall closet pantry, freeing up all the kitchen cabinet space for cooking and serving equipment.


And now I can see exactly what I've got and I even have a little extra space to buy multiples of things that are on sale. It works!

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Your hall closet pantry reminds me of my Grandmother's place. She always used the hall closet as a pantry and I don't think her home has an official pantry. I love it though, you did a good job finding spaces to use.

Nice! Reinventing what we have is always a way to solve our dilemmas. Congrats. You've actually given me an idea.

I love your statement in the parenthesis! I can very much relate to that! Especially shiny things! Nice job on shelfs, very clever!

Terrific idea! I'm thinking of downsizing to a smaller place, and ideas like this will help me store all my beloved gadgets, pans etc. Thanks for sharing!

Great innovation! I must confess, though, that I suffer from the opposite problem. I have a deep pantry and no hall closet, but I'm unwilling to sacrifice any pantry space to coats. :-)

Hey, PunkRizz--I totally agree with you. Pantry space is a much higher priority than coat space. I would throw the coats on the floor as long as I had space to store food. Thanks to all for your comments!

Clever!! I love that you could check your supply levels as you were grabbing your coat to go to the store! very convenient!!

Yes, it's my pantry.Since taking the photos I've added one more wire shelf (from the Container Store) for the back of the door--works really nicely for all those Penzey's spices. I could come up with some crazy new cooking adventures just with the ingredients stored in my pantry.

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