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Market to Pantry #12: Borough Market, London, England


From Katelynn, in London:

I couldn't resist sending you photos of my local Saturday morning haunt, Borough Market. I am an American expat (from Chicago), who has been living in London with my husband for the past eight months.

The Borough Market runs both wholesale and farm stands and is open Thursday through Saturday to the public. It is located under the overground railway tracks in Southwark, Southeast London along the River Thames. It is considered one of the oldest markets in the world, being officially recognized in 1276. However, their website claims that the market has been around since Roman times.

In the top photo is one of the wholesalers in the very center of the market. They sell local produce, as well as more exotic items from Spain and Morocco.


One of my favorite suppliers sells many types of mushrooms among other types of produce. This Saturday I bought a quarter-kilo of cob nuts, (we call them hazelnuts in the US) which are in season now.


This meat purveyor sells an array of meats from the English countryside, including game such as pheasant, hare, and quail when in season.


The market abounds with cheese mongers. Here I enjoy buying fresh mozzarella. He also sells an array of "assertive" blues that I love.


Testing olive oils. We bought a bottle of Sinfonia (from Puglia) as a hostess gift recently and a bottle of Cinque Foglia (from Tuscany) for our general cooking purposes. The hand belongs to my husband, always willing to taste!

Thanks for allowing me to share!

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Looks like a wonderful place to shop! Makes me wish I had a greater selection... but that's what happens in rural areas.

thanks for sharing.....the cheese shop looks amazing......is that fresh off the farm stilton i see????

What a beautiful market. How fortunate you are to shop there. Loved seeing it.

I wish we had more markets like that in the US. Looks great!

What a wonderful market! I'd love the mushrooms and tasting the olive oils. YUM!

My fantasy world tour has been to find cities with wonderful opera, live there for a few months and get immersed in the local scene. So extraordinary markets has to go in as another requirement -- this is inspiring!

What a lovely place! How unique that it is one of the oldest markets in the world. And you took such good pictures... thank you for sharing this!

The pig head displayed among the meats made me chuckle. I enjoyed the photos and descriptions. Thanks for sharing.

What a great place to go. I love the shot of the cheese case! Thanks for sharing it with us!

Wow! These photos are sumptious and have me salivating. Boston will soon have a year round market. I also believe spring will come again.
Hugs and hot chocolate. Thanks for sharing.

The Borough Market looks fabulous! I live in South East England and have never been there, perhaps I should make a list of things to do this year and put it at the top!

Those photos are so appealing! Real food in all its glory is just wonderful. Thanks so much to both of you for sharing these photos. One day I'll make it to England!


I dream of going to Borough market...thanks for the photos. they are great eye candy when all I see out my window is snow and our market doesn't open for another three months!

What beautiful photographs - and what an amazing market, with such a long history! Thanks for sharing, and enjoy your new country!

What a fantastic market, lucky you!

Reminds me of the markets I saw in Paris! Thanks for sharing.

I am also an American living in the UK for the last 12 years and LOVE this market! My husband even took me to Borough for our anniversary last year and I had the tastiest, freshest anniversary meal ever!

Borough Market is fabulous! I live about a fifty min train journey from London and it's one of my favourite places to go. The last time I went we got, amongst other things, red wine and herbes de provence salt, fresh chorizo, smoked paprika, fresh quails, fig turkish delight, five types of cheese (including a triple cream one and an Italian hard cheese that had been soaked in red wine) - sooooo good!

One niggle though - cobnuts aren't hazelnuts!! They're cobnuts, similar to hazelnuts but creamier and amazingly tasty!

hahah what these photos don't show is how JAM PACKED it is on Saturdays - Borough is our local market but we haven't been there in months because the only day when they're open when we're not at work it is literally too full of tourists to move! Even if you know exactly where the stalls are that you need to visit, it takes 20 minutes to cross 100 feet, tripping over suitcases, cameras, and clueless tourists along the way.

So it's actually quicker and less stressful for us to go to a market halfway across London than suffer the Saturday scrum at Borough, which is a real shame. :( It's pretty much just for tourists these days.

I'm an American former ex-pat who returned from the UK to live in Chicago and the Borough is my FAVORITE market in London!! Have you tried the snacking garlic? The seasoned cloves made for just popping in your mouth like a snack?? SO GOOD. OH I MISS BEING THERE! Thanks for the nostalgia.

Thanks everyone for the feedback. Borough is an amazing place -- almost as neat as the Marche d'Aligre in the Marais in Paris. The other plus of London is living so close to France! We've been to Paris four times this year. Guess I should be documenting those markets as well!

Crystal - that is fresh Stilton. The cheese in the UK is much better than I ever would have expected! At Borough there are at least half-a-dozen cheese stalls. It's heaven!

Vickyb - I took these photos around 8:30 in the morning. It's like a different place earlier in the day. I'm not motivated to go that early every weekend, and those tend to be the weekends I head to our more local market in Marylebone on Sunday mornings.

Rebecca H - I think filbert nuts, cob nuts, and hazelnuts are species of nuts that grow on hazel trees, that's why the names are interchangeable. At least that's how I've had it explained to me.

Melissa - I haven't tried the snacking garlic. Sounds amazing, though. Do you frequent Green City Market in Chicago? I'd love to see some recent pictures, as I haven't been in some time.

For the cobnut/etc question:


What a market! I don't blame the tourists for clogging the aisles -- I'd be there too.

A little late on commenting but... WOW!!!!!
thanks for sharing!

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