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Other People's Pantries #145

From Karey (Karey's Kitchen), in Evergreen, Colorado:

We're pretty much empty nesters, though with lots of company and a growing family of grandbabies ... so we're starting to reorganize everything, including life.




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when i first opened the link I thought i was looking at a pictorial of a unique store in someones neighborhood...had to double check to make sure it was a pantry!!

love it! Thanks for sharing

Your pantry looks like a magical place to visit - it is just wonderful with the shelves sensibly spaced to fit in all your flavour joys.

Just amazing, beautiful! organized with everything displayed with its own name tag.
I agree with Lydia, this looks like a speciality store!

I'm looking forward to more pantry pics!

Wow! What a lovely space. I shall not covet this pantry.

There seemed to be some sort of glitch when I tried to post my comment, so please forgive me, Lydia, and everyone, if this is a repeat... Why is it that a neat, well-stocked pantry, like yours, looks like such an inviting, comfortable place? I agree with the ones above who used the words "magical" and "beautiful" to describe your pantry... it really is those things. Thank you for sharing your pictures!

I used to store my crock pot on a high shelf - until I dropped it on my head trying to get it down. (I am short)
I have learned my lesson and store such things down low. Squatting is equally inconvenient but much safer than up high.
be careful!
ps great pantry!

What a great pantry, thanks so much for sharing.

I have a similar configuration of shelves, similar jars of beans and boxes -- now if I could only look in and get the feeling of wholesome contentment that your pantry gives!

What a great pantry. I love all the jars.

This is a pantry I would love to get lost in, to poke around on the shelves, and just soak in the tasty and homey ambiance. Simply lovely!

This looks so lovely! It requires keeping organized. I have a straight-from-the-builder pantry that I am dreaming to remodel. It only has 2 walls and lots of useless floorspace. It will be a challenge to work on, but yours is inspiration!

Wow! Panorrrama pantry. I am envious of your space! Thank you for sharing. It is fun to be organized cause then you can find everything.

this is absolutely fantastic! I have just started storing beans and dried goods in jars and LOVE IT! Thank you so much for sharing.

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