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Recipe for chile con queso dip

Chile con queso

TRUE CONFESSION: I like Velveeta. Really, I do; I've been eating it since I was a little girl, straight from the box. Velveeta is a cheese food product invented to be a more nutritious, longer-lasting alternative to real cheese, by reincorporating the whey that's usually removed in the cheese-making process. In Texas, folks traditionally combine Velveeta and Ro*Tel to make "queso", a spicy, gooey cheese dip for chips or vegetables. It's a tradition here in The Perfect Pantry to have a bit of fun with food at the end of the year (marshmallow fluff, anyone?), so why not invite some friends for a queso party?

Chile con queso dip

From the pantry, you'll need one can of Ro*Tel.

Serves 10 or more.


1 1-lb box of Velveeta, cut into 1-inch cubes
1 14-oz can Ro*Tel


Place Velveeta cubes in a 2-quart or larger microwave-safe glass bowl, and stir in the entire can of Ro*Tel. Cover the bowl with plastic wrap, leaving a small edge open to allow steam to escape. Cook on HIGH for 3 minutes. Stir, and cook for an additional 2 minutes. Stir again.

Leftover queso will solidify, and can be re-melted in the microwave.

To make on the stovetop, place Velveeta and Ro*Tel in a heavy sauce pan. Cook over low heat for 5 minutes, stirring frequently, until everything melts together.

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There's been a discussion going on for years over the pros and cons of Velveeta vs. other variations of chili con queso. Velveeta is the standard, for sure, but I've always made it with other cheeses.

But no matter how you make it, as long as you've got chili in it, it tastes good!!!

Have a beautiful New Year, Lydia!

To make on the stovetop

many thanks for saving us the trouble to ask :)

Ha! I should introduce you to a couple of friends of mine who are of like mind. With your Velveeta, and my Fluff, we could throw quite a party! Wishing you a healthy and happy New Year, Lydia.

True confession: I do too! I love a little "processed cheese" now and again. I make a mean crockpot mac and cheese with velveeta!

You would be happy here in New Mexico. ENORMOUS blocks of
Velveeta on the bottom shelves of the markets!

That's quite a bold confession, Lydia! I love chili con queso too, but don't think I could bring myself to make it at home ... Wishing you a happy new year and filled with lots of delicious food! :)

As someone who tries to make stuff from scratch and eat naturally, I'll back you.

Velveeta rocks. My wife and I make this dish too often.

I am sure there will be many a chili con queso dip served over New Year's Lydia.

My mom always made this with prepared salsa. I do now too. A few times I've added beans too, either baked or refried. Since everything comes from the pantry, it's so easy [& so yummy].

You are not alone.... :-)

When I moved to the US, I did not know that Velveeta had a bad reputation with "gourmet cooks," so I enjoyed it guilt-free.

NOw that I know, I don't advertise my love too much, but still indulge


I have long been a closet fan of Velveeta. My Great-Grandma first fed it to me as a little girl melted over cauliflower, and I was hooked. (Great-Grandma was a house keeper extraordinaire and home cooking was her specialty. How could Velveeta be bad coming from her hands?!) When we lived in Dallas, I think we ate Velveeta queso at least once a week. And LOVED it! Thanks for this reminder. I'm going to melt some right now...

Who knew there were so many Velveeta lovers hiding in The Perfect Pantry?! I'm delighted to be in such good company!

Happy New Year to all, and thank you for sharing your queso stories. I'm thinking there might be a bowl or two at some New Year's parties this weekend...

Although I'm not a fan of process cheese, Velveeta does have its place in certain instances--and the Ro*Tel Queso is one of them! Also, my husband will not touch mac 'n cheese unless it's made with Velveeta. Have a Happy New Year! I look forward to learning more from you and your pantry in 2011.

Velveeta is one of the staples of my pantry! My Moma loved the Velveeta/Ro*Tel Queso Dip - I could never eat it because of my pesky tomato allergy - but I remember her having to make it every couple of months to satisfy her cravings! My sister continues the tradition!

Happy New Year!

I'm shocked. And intrigued. Lydia, once again you have led me to new culinary places :-)

Thanks for a year of interesting, delicious, thought-provoking writing, Lydia! Wishing you a happy and health new year, in which dreams are realized.

Kathy, Nanan: Clearly, affection for Velveeta queso runs deep!

Cynthia, thank you!

Judy, what a wonderful wish for the new year. I'm so lucky to have readers like you who have supported The Perfect Pantry for all these years.

My brother first introduced me to Velveeta with Ro*tel. He lived in Texas for 20 years, and when he moved to Seattle, I found it in the back of his frig. He told me I did not have to use it in leftovers. It was his stash. Well, I could not leave it at that, and made him break it out...ZOWIE! This is truly a great combo. I have it in the frig right now, waiting for the next Pats game. May the New Year be great for all of you. I have loved reader's comments and thank you all.

Just found your blog via Kaylyn's Kitchen - love it! I LOVE Velveeta/Ro*Tel queso (lived in TX for 8 years and the first time I saw a mini crockpot w/queso in it I knew I had to run out and buy my own mini crockpot!). My kids request it all of the time - especially since we can't find true TX queso here in California.

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