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Other People's Pantries #143


Among the dozens of programs Nancy Johnston, part-time director of human services in the neighboring town of Foster, Rhode Island, administers is the food pantry. Foster is a small rural town, population less than 5,000.


I visited a few weeks ago to see what Nancy had on hand for the holiday season.


Neighbors in town donate bags of nonperishable food items.


The food pantry will serve more than 70 families -- more than two percent of the town's population -- this week. Not much food for that many families, is it?

Please support your local food pantry, and help feed neighbors in need.

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what a depressing and sad post I wonder if all pantries around the country are as ill stocked or if its just certain areas/states that have a hard time. I can tell you in my neck of the world the malls and srip malls are packed to the gills with shoppers; so no shortage of money it seems to buy an extra can of something to give away. Also in my neck of the woods, no outward collection efforts either...toys for kids yes, but not food

To Nancy and all the Nancy's of the world... thank you for doing what you do. And thank you, Lydia, for reminding us how we, too, can help.

A grocery chain in my area provides bags of non-perishable food marked $3, $5 and $10. You can take one (or more) to the register and pay for it along with your groceries, and they will take it to the local food pantry. Makes it really easy to help out.

Thanks for the post and the reminder Lydia. Food pantries can use donations all year long!

Nancy is the unsung hero of Foster. Sadly, for strictly political reasons her position is being eliminated. I urge Foster residents to go to the Town Council meetings in January and advocate
for her and for the position.
Foster has a number of families tucked into the woods who
desperately need her compassionate, quiet, and professional
Go to townoffoster.com for Council meeting times or call town hall.
Thank you. Marcia

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