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Other People's Pantries #141

From Bonnie, in Sterling, Virginia:

Being new to the food blog world, I have enjoyed many wonderful blogs floating out here in cyberland. Thank you for creating Other People’s Pantries. It is lots of fun looking at other people’s pantries and arrangements. I am most envious of those with endless space, but many smaller pantries are beautifully arranged too. While my pantry is not ever a finished project, it is always a work in progress.


Several years ago I started with my spices and got the big garbage can out and threw out anything whose smell could not be defined...and started over.  I chose to replace with whole spices where possible and some blends which are always fun to cook with. 


I love those pantries with shallow space where you can see everything. I live in a townhouse so my kitchen is not full of luxurious pantry space.


Next on the list was my legume shelf...and then the baking stuff.  Now that I am into baking bread, I have several types of flours now. 


Get a label maker once you get started...it will make it more fun and have some continuity to your labeling system.


My spice pantry has flowed into our living room but in a decorative kind of way.  When I need some of my indian spices, I trek over to the den and retrieve the ajwain, amchur, some dried chilis, or maybe candy coated fennel seeds..and the whole spices in jars look cool too. 

So here are some pix of my pantry. Thank you for letting us share our pantry worlds with you and your readers.

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I love the spices as decoration in the living room! What a great way to find extra space.

Love the red shelf spice idea! Thanks for sharing.

Nicely done! The last picture is especially lovely. :)

I noticed a lot of Penzey's Spices, I wish we had one close to us. You did a great job with little space. I love my label maker. I use large mouth canning jars for a lot of my dals and different rices. I love your living room spice pantry!! :D

Ah, Penzey's! I love the labeling and container system. Where do you find the garam masala in larger canisters like that?

I certainly agree that your use of spices in a decorative way is very creative and smart. I'm going to entertain that idea! Thanks for sharing.

I am also a Penzey's addict! I think after looking at your lovely pantry, I'm going to have to make Indian food for dinner tonight :)

im imagining dinner at your house must be quite the affair!

Lovely, organized and enviable ;-) Thanks for sharing!

Love the nice decorative arrangement of the spices and brick-a-brack de cuisine! Glad to see you are keeping Penzey's in business along with many others of us here. We now have a Penzey's in Raleigh! Woot! I'll be traveling down I-40 soon for a visit.

Food as art! (well spices anyway.) I love it and I think you are very organized. Excellent!

Thanks to all for your kind comments! Yes, I humbly admit to being a bit of a Penzey advertisement...The canister of Garam masala comes from the local indian shops in our area. We are lucky to have some great ethnic grocery stores in our area that are like main line groceries only with asian and latin cuisine products.
I will say that my husband benefits most of all from the cooking! When cooking is a passion it makes it all worth the time you put into it. Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Thanks for sharing! I miss my pantry...

I see U love Penzey's Spices. So do I. I have made part of the garage and part of the basement into pantries because my kitchen has only some cupboards not a real pantry.

One od these days I will take pictures of my pantry areas. They aren't as organized though.

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