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Market to Pantry #6: Cosmos International Market, Hartford, Connecticut


From Susan, in Keene, New Hampshire:

When we can get to Hartford, we enjoy shopping at the ethnic markets. Cosmos is a tight little space packed with lots of dry food, tea, candies, prepared food, CDs and lots of Bollywood movies, as well as a small selection of frozen, refrigerated and fresh foods.

I was looking for rasam powder, found it in paste form, and left with a bag full of favorites and new-to-me goodies.




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thanks for sharing,,,the place looks like a good find, and of course I had to see what rasam powder is, so thanks for that as well

Hey look, there's an apartment for rent above this market for a really serious foodie...

Drooling from afar - what a glorious selection to choose from.

Geez ~ I live 20 minutes away & didn't know it existed. Thanks!

Great story! I will have to send in one of my favourite little stores in Coffs Harbour, (Australia) although it may be a little far to to travel if your missing just one ingredient. ;)

Goodness, I grew up not far from there and I don't remember anything like this..

Looks a really well-stocked store and large too!! NICE!

If you rent that apartment, you can be well fed. Cosmos sells prepared food, there's a Russian deli at the end of the block, and a Brazilian bakery/coffee shop across the street. Middle Eastern food a few blocks away... We love shopping in Hartford, 2 hours away.

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