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Other People's Pantries #139

From Rae (Ravenous Rae), in Fayetteville, North Carolina:

I just moved into this lovely house with a lovely kitchen. The pantry is not the most accessible due to a door frame around it and a louvered door on it. I still use the pantry, but since it's hard to get to, I use the pantry for items I do not use on a daily basis. 

The top shelf is for soups. The next shelf is for canned tomatoes, beans, salsas, and a few miscellaneous items in the corner that are very rare occurrences in cooking. The third shelf has canned veggies, and extras of things I use a lot and want to keep on hand so I never run out.


Since I don't use the pantry that much, I use the kitchen cabinets. Above the sink is a pass through window to the living room. I use the shelves for veggies that do not need to be in the fridge. On the right hand side shelves I store tea, and on the shelves to the left is salt, pepper, and hot sauce!


A corner cabinet that is kind of awkward was turned into the spice cabinet! I use a lazy Susan so I can reach all of the spices. Oils are also stored here as well as Stevia and Sweet N' Low. 


The large cabinet is the one I use the most.  It has nuts, nut butters, cereals, oats, etc. It's mostly breakfast items (I love breakfast!) but a few other frequently used things in there too. I use a small cabinet for baking items, such as sucanat, cocoa powder, and specialty flours.


I use another small cabinet for grains and dry beans.


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thanks for sharing...enjoyed the pics and finding out what adzuki beans are!

You use every space that you have, that is great. I have to do that too, so it's nice to see how others do it.

Milton, adzuki beans are also called red beans, and are often used in red bean paste and are used in a lot of Asian desserts. They are often used with sugar. In Hawaii you can get a shave ice with ice cream and adzuki beans. That's where I first had them.

"fruit as art" above the sink- excellent!

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