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Other People's Pantries #138

From Sarah (Heart of Cooking) in Frederick, Maryland:

My husband and I just bought our first home this year and have been working on it ever since!  The kitchen is probably where I spend most of my time, so there are some things we'll be doing to make it more beautiful, open and user-friendly. However, it does have a pretty good sized pantry.

I have a lot of food allergies as does my son. Last fall we went on a diet called GAPS (Gut and Psychology Syndrome) that is beneficial for anyone with digestive problems as well as mental disorders. My husband is not on this diet, but I don't keep a lot of food in the house that isn't GAPS-"legal" because my son, who is two, will want it. The diet basically eliminates all grains, starches and sugars as well as anything processed and almost all canned foods. We do use coconut flour and almond flour, but I keep these in the fridge.

So, as you can see in the full sized picture of the pantry, I mostly have bulk foods in jars. The top shelf are spices that I purchased in bulk because I am also a personal chef and do a lot of cooking for people. The next shelf down are mostly dried beans and legumes. We aren't really eating these right now because there are only a few beans that are allowed on GAPS and we haven't yet incorporated them into our diet.

The third shelf down is where I keep the things we eat on a daily basis. Mostly nuts and seeds which I soak and dehydrate first, extra oils, tomato paste, coconut cream and other dry goods that are allowed on our diet. Below that, I put the baggies, etc. as well as the cat food and the overflow of spices and spice jars that I have (lots!). The bottom shelf is where I put all of my extra clean jars, napkins and extra dry goods.


On the floor, I keep two trash cans -- one for dirty towels and washcloths and one for recyclables. The small stainless steel can is our compost bin which fills up way too fast.


I also use the cupboards next to the stove for all my spices and some cooking gadgets. I keep the oils and vinegars on the counter because we use them so frequently.

So that's it for me.  Thanks for checking out my pantry!

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Nicely organized pantry!

Nice and tidy, what my pantry strives to be!

It is so nice to see a pantry that isn't chock full of processed convenience foods. Your personal chef clients are very lucky indeed.

It is so nice, neat, and organized. I don't use many canned goods, but keep a few things on hand during hurricane season. It is clear you are very disciplined cook. I was wondering what you kept in the trash cans (we keep our dog's food in one just like that) But I do think you need a bigger compost bin! :D

Very organized, and it is clear you take your GAPS serious, I have heard good things about that program. Good luck and just so you know, my compost container is not big enough either!

That is the most organized pantry I've ever seen! I would love to submit my pantry....after I clean it.

Very Organized.
funny thing about husbands - they never really want to commit to any kind of diet! (even if it might do them some good;-)

Do you have a blog? :D What a lovely, ordered space. All the best in the GAPS program -- interesting that it helps with mental issues also (may have to look into this.)

Would you consider sharing what/how you handle the dirty towels/rags -- do you keep it full of water - for soaking or...(still trying to figure out a system for my own dirty cloths -- as I am not using paper towels much any longer.

Thank you for sharing your pantry!

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