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Other People's Pantries #137

From Brenda (Coffee, Tea, Books and Me), in the American Midwest:

Since I write once in awhile about "deepening the pantry", I have often had people send me the link to your posts about other people's pantries. As I mention quite often on my blog, we live in a small house with no basement so we make storage space wherever we can make it.

Here are four pictures of my pantry: one of my "shower" pantry, two of my "baking goods" pantry, and one of the pantry section of our garage. The recent pantry post on my blog is found here. If you follow the link I have within that post, it takes you to my friend, Manuela's, blog... and her "shower" pantry (which is a thing of beauty).





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Thanks for sharing your pantry pics

creative space use!
The garage pantry is always a great idea - I have a bit of a "basement" pantry where I keep stuff similar to you - larger pans, insulated bags and rarely-used appliances.

I also like Bonne Maman jams, and reuse the jars for things like Q-tips. :) Nice set of pantries!

Hmmm, storage all through the house, yes I do know how that works! Great stuff, thanks.

Brenda pointed the way and I'm so glad that she did. I had no idea such a resource existed here. I'm going to have such fun peeking around.

Oh - yeah - great idea to use the shower space!

I love all your pantry posts Brenda! You're a wonderful example of using the space you have.


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