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Other People's Pantries #136

From Chiffonade, in Atlanta, Georgia:

My friend Wanda, who lives in an Atlanta suburb, recently renovated her pantry as a birthday gift to herself! I was green with envy and Wanda allowed me to shoot her pantry. My boyfriend was ambivalent about her showing me her pantry, as he predicted I'd want something similar done to our pantry.


In this first photo are two views of the original pantry. Still a nice sized room, Wanda had wire shelving and a baker's rack.


Here's the new pantry: lots of cabinets in a small space! These are very narrow but also very deep. Wanda had to work with a very narrow door on the pantry and therefore couldn't go with the giant cabinets for which she might have opted had the door been wide enough to accommodate them. The canvas catchalls atop the cabinets go all around the room and hold seasonal or infrequently-used serving pieces.


These cabinets are on the right hand side of the room just as you walk in. Larger cookware and small electrics have found a comfy, snug home that's easily accessible by the pullout drawers. All the cabinets on that side have pullout drawers.


Grandma Wanda has her grandkids in mind at all times and keeps an inventory of snacks for them and ingredients to prepare quick meals. The cabinets are very spacious.

Between the coffee station and the right-hand cabinets, Wanda has her floor cleaner and stepstool stashed. The luxury of large, tall cabinets means one must make room for a stepstool to reach everything. Now that the pantry has been renovated, there's plenty of room for such things so no worries!

Wanda's home embodies her warm spirit and generous nature. The pantry only makes it more handy to prepare delicious food for family and guests.

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I love the way how you keep your things. . .take care!:)

thanks for sharing


How fabulous!

The pull out drawers are what I love. This is very well organized. I only wish there were some open shelves. Something about seeing at least some of the color of packaging and containers is lovely to me.

I love the pull out drawers also! I want them!! :-) Thanks for sharing.

I love the new cabinets and baskets on top. I am envious.

Pullouts are the best. They make deep cabinets okay. I am short so pullouts are nice to see the things in the back, especially on the top, otherwise things seem to get lost in the back.

....Mmmmm pull out drawers! My all time wish list item. Thanks for sharing.

My husband did something similar in our laundry room, there was a wall opposite the washer and dryer that was a little deeper than a upper kitchen cabinet, so he lined the entire wall with kitchen cabinets stacked one on top of the other, it made for an entire wall of storage for laundry products, paper towels, overflow small appliances from the kitchen, when we sold the house we took the cabinets and we now have oak cabinets in our garage for storage.

I am VERY JEALOUS!! what a great space!!

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