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Other People's Pantries #135

From Bianca (Food. Shoes. Travel. Thoughts.) in South Australia, Australia:

I have been reading your blog for a while now and just love the Other People's Pantries feature. It has inspired me to keep my own pantry organised yet user friendly. My husband and I have recently renovated our first home, including the kitchen. We are half way through the process and as yet have no doors on our kitchen pantry -- a factor which helps to keep it rather tidy.






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Fantastic. Thamks for sharing. off topic i wanted to reach into the monitor and steal a rusk!

Rather tidy? That is spectacularly well organized. Well done!

I have followed along for some time now and would love to share my pantry, but I am having technical difficulties with my pc and camera. Please continue your saturday AM pantry pics. I love your site, your recipies and seeing the other's stuff.
This pantry is rather impressive with its organization and neatness. I love to see all the different types of food people keep.

When my pantry grows up, it wants to be just like your pantry! Incredible, thanks for sharing.

What a completely lovely pantry! Thanks for sharing with all of us Perfect Pantry readers. :)

I too enjoy the pantry and market series! Thanks for doing this for all of us!

I love your pantry Bianca! I like how everything is so visible and well sealed. That's an issue I have living in Florida...making sure everything is well sealed and keeping the heat, humidity and bugs out! :D I don't think mine would stay looking so neat...maybe I should remove the doors on mine!

I don't recognize many of your brands. Where do you live? A friend of mine just said, hey she has tomato paste in a yogurt style container - that's neat! I agree! I've never seen that before.

Looks great! I actually really like the doors off look. Right now we are using a bookshelf so no doors. Good Job!

I wish I could find peel-top containers of tomato paste!

If it didn't already say Australia, I'd know because of the TimTams!

And Vegemite above the microwave, I believe.

After the admiration:
What about the tower of stainless steel containers -- if that's what they are -- are they filled or empty? Or have another purpose?

GREAT pantry - I have the same question as Susan Q above - what's in the silver canisters?

Hi everyone! A big thanks again to Lydia for the pantry and market features. I know they are the highlight of my week.

Thanks to everyone for the comments. We are still without pantry doors so yes, my pantry still is this neat. I'm a school teacher so I love to have a place for everything!

The silver canisters store biscuits, both store brought and home-made. They seal really well and it's amazing how many friends comment on them. I purchased them on sale a few years ago and wish I'd gotten a few sets to give as gifts to friends.

Yes, I am in Australia and yep, we get our tomato paste in those little pots which are very hard to open! I would prefer them to be in an easy open jar.

I'm totally digging those yogurt/pudding style cups of tomato paste!

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