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Other People's Pantries #134

From Jen, in Green, Ohio:

I found this site as I was researching pantries for the house we hope to build next year. As a result, I've spent WAY too much time looking through everyone's beautiful pantries. On the plus side, it got me motivated to finally organize my pantry. So thank you, Lydia... and thanks, Target, for all the great storage supplies!

Top shelf: Extra paper towels, cookie cutters and baking supplies, kitchen cleaning supplies, vinegar and cooking wines.


2nd shelf: Breakfast items, produce, and Dutch foods. (My hubs is from the Netherlands). Cereal, granola and Goldfish (my toddler LOVES these!).


3rd shelf: Canned goods and pastas. Like a lot of others, I'm trying to reduce the number of cans we buy. Once my son started solids, I got really into cooking things from scratch. The bins include: orzo, brown rice, wild rice, penne pasta, bowtie pasta, stove top, bread crumbs, quinoa, steel cut oats, "fun" pasta and... marshmallows.


4th shelf: cooking liquids, spices and other baking powders


5th shelf: baking goodness! flours, sugars, chips, nuts, coconut, oats and oil


Floor: paper products, party supplies, molds and decorators, cleaning supplies and cooking oil.

Thanks for visiting my pantry, and thanks for letting me see yours!

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Oh my that is LOVELY and ORGANIZED! I've never seen Manwich Bold! I'll have to look the next time I'm in an American grocery store (live in Canada). I love all the labelling....I love my PTouch labeller. I really like the little containers with the bulk spices in them (anise seeds etc.). Nice job Jen!

This is a beautifully organized pantry, I'm jealous. :)

very impressive. I really like the way you have gien your pantry items some room on the shelves. It looks nice and it must be much easier to find things.

You get my vote for organised pantry of the month! Excellent job, but where is space the heineken's??

How wonderfully organized! Thanks for sharing.

Your pantry is an organizer's dream! It's a beautiful vision with all the orderliness and labels. You inspire me!

Are you for hire? Fabulous pantry!

Thanks everyone! It only took me three years to get it this way...I needed this site to inspire me.

We like the Manwich Bold better than the regular. Packs a better bunch. But we've started making our own sloppy joes now as part of Project Reduce Processed Foods.

We're also weaning our toddler away from the the goldfish (there has been some wailing and gnashing of teeth). I've found some recipes online for homemade goldfish, wheat thins and graham crackers to fill that bin.

I recycled my son's baby food containers for the spices. I wish I would have made it myself now that I'm more comfortable cooking, but I put the containers to good use, at least!

As for the Heinekens, my husband is Dutch--he drank it all already! :-)

Nice! Thanks for sharing! I love to be inspired myself. Where did you get the clear box containers with the green handles? I love the idea! It looks like the shoe type storage boxes I have seen at Target.

Wow - that is a beautiful pantry - I love the way you have organised and am very envious....I feel a project pantry intervention is in store ! Thank you for sharing.

beautiful and I am jealous too but I could never KEEP a pantry this perfect. Besides which - I have one entire cupboard filled with my spices/herbs/seasonings - they ARE filed sort of alphabetical (A B C D on the first 2 turntables, and so on - I borrowed that idea from a sister in law years ago...
my packaged and canned foods fill two bottom cupboards, completely; there are two large cupboards in the laundry room & my baking stuff (flour, sugar, etc) are in there and they ARE in Tupperware containers but not labeled.I do keep virtually everything posible in quart jars or Tupperware containers because we had problems with beetles years ago & its NO FUN having to throw out everything. Also, Ihave one large rack in the kitchen with all my sprinkles and food coloring - because I do cookie projects with my grandchildren so there are a lot of those.
We had a much nicer walk in pantry where I used to live. :(

Lisa, I did get those clear boxes from Target! The white bins were borrowed from my son's nursery. We got those at Dollar General for $1.50 each.

Sandra, I've been impressed at how easy this has been to keep up. It was such a disaster before. Now it's easy to inventory and keep organized because I know where everything is supposed to be. As you can see, we don't have a ton of space, so I'm not able to stock up on things as much as I'd like. We don't have any food in our upper cabinets, it's all here. If you look on the very top shelf, that's where I have my cookie cutters, sugars and decorative stuff. My toddler likes to make treats with me. The floor plan for our new house has a 8' x 10' walk-in pantry with appliance shelf. I can't wait to fill it up!

You are a girl after my own heart!! Love my label maker.

Now I have to organize my cookie cutters. I probably have more than 200 and keeping them in those clear containers clearly labeled would be so much easier to use. My grandson comes over every Saturday and even though he is only 2 he loves to bake with me. Thanks for the ideas.

Very very nice! I start out that way, but sooner or later, I have to redo everything. Oh well such is the life of an active kitchen. Thanks so much for sharing.

What a fabulous pantry!

Oh yes, the organization of this pantry really appeals to me!

Wow what a great job you've done with your pantry. Thanks for sharing it. You've given all of us some hope for clearing the clutter. I look forward to seeing your walk in pantry someday :@)

Beautiful pantry! I bet cooking from your kitchen is a joy! Well done..

I wonder if one has pantry space - cookie cutters could somehow be hung up...going to come up with something for my own kitchen.

Lovely, organized space!

Excellent pantry and I have to say I loved that you have manwich! I actually wrote a short piece on manwich at my blog.
Although I mostly cook from scratch - it always a good idea to keep one or two cans around that can help get a dinner out in a time crunch.

Oh my, I am impressed! where can I get some of those beautiful clear bins with the green snap seal? I could really make good use of some of those.

Gorgeous! I just ordered a label maker on line off to label everything in sight.

I thought I'd come back now that we are in our new house and post a link to my new pantry: http://www.dejongdreamhouse.com/2012/11/my-perfect-pantry-dream-home-edition.html

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