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Other People's Pantries #132

From Janet (The Gardeners Cottage), in Redlands, California:

Our house is old and small so storage is an issue. I'm a vegan so I don't eat many canned or processed foods. I also don't like a lot of clutter. I was a professional chef for many years and learned to work in small, tight spaces. 


My spice drawer is the top right one, next to the stove.


All my dishes are stored above the sink and the drawers next to the sink area hold silverware, knives and kitchen towels.


The large bottom drawer holds big mixing bowls. The basket on top of the refrigerator holds my baking tins.


The pantry itself holds a small microwave, coffee pot, teas, pastas, oatmeal, nuts, beans, platters and my cookbooks.


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oh my, what a wonderful and clutter-free kitchen!!! such smart and orderly storage. i just loooooove it!
it makes me want to weed out and clear all unnecessary clutter in my kitchen RIGHT NOW!

thank you for the inspiring photos.

Wow! now that is a neat and clutter free kitchen and pantry! I'm impressed, it's so pretty!

This pantry demonstrates how simplicity can be stunning. There's a quiet about it which reminds me that cooking can be quiet and even meditative. Not to mention, how practical the arrangement is. Bravo!

This is the kitchen of my dreams, even though I love my own. I love functioning walk in pantries. Lovely white tiles and open shelves. Perfect!

What a marvelous kitchen.

Stunning and I love the walk in pantry. The stark and clean appearance is magazine perfect. Very beautiful.

Wow! Amazing kitchen!


thank you so much for spotlighting my pantry and kitchen.

and to all the lovely compliments above, thank you from the bottom of my heart. renovating this old (1890) house and bringing it back to life has been a dream come true. the kitchen is the heart of this place and i'm so glad you like it. thank you all again so much.


I too am inspired to weed out the superfluous in my own kitchen. I particularly love the chandelier combined with all the simple elements. Having a window in the pantry is an uncommon delight!

How beautiful! Love the white and open cabinets!

How many times can you say, I love it, before you're tossed out on your ear? Well! I'm at that point over this kitchen.

Tis absolutely perfect.

Thank you for showing your wonderful kitchen and pantry.


Looks like a working kitchen that can produce something very good. I love those drawers. I love it all. I wish I could see everything to see what kind of utensils you have. Makes me think ...something simple and plain that is not really plain at all, because I want to keep looking at it, and running into my kitchen and having a garage sale. Thanks for the inspiration, now I know what I want to lean to for my own kitchen.

OH MY! FORGET ABOUT THE PANTRY- I HAVE KITCHEN ENVY!! - no wait maybe "whole house envy!"
thanks for the inspiration to clean and pair down my kitchen- I shall start as soon as the next heat wave is over!

OMG, it is so immaculate and beautiful! It is an inspiration :)

I'm going to have to repeat what others have already written: STUNNING! GORGEOUS! INSPIRING! Janet, you're kitchen is where I'd go to take a vacation from my kitchen. Just gazing at your (excellent) photos is relaxing.

wow, you guys are nice over here.

the kitchen was not expensive at all to remodel. we had to gut the whole thing but left everything where it was b/c, well it's so small we had to. i think the whole remodel, including viking range, was 12k.


So gorgeous! And you have a window in your pantry. Love it.

Sweet, sweet kitchen & pantry--simple, clean and fresh! Great job!! ~K

Ooooo, I'm in love too! And that walk in space with all the light-jealous!

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