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Other People's Pantries #131

From Dawn (Waiter! There's a Fly in My Tiara!), in The Woodlands, Texas:

The Other People's Pantries feature has become sort of a Saturday tradition among a group of us FB foodies, and one of them suggested that I submit my pantry to you. I am a perfectionist when it comes to my kitchen and cooking. Not only is it a passion and a hobby that I hope to make my career, but I also work part time for a major knife manufacturer as a retail selling specialist. So my kitchen is really my office. 


I use my cupboards as food space, with my "pantry" holding plates, random cookware, and small electrics. 



My lower cabinets house my stainless steel cookware -- I'm brave and only have a couple pieces of non-stick these days. 


I used to have everything in the pantry labeled -- from beans to tomatoes to spices -- today I just have the spice rack on my door labeled.


And the small stacking drawers in my oil/vinegar cabinet. Those salts and spices are in small baggies and have no home -- mostly random things I buy by the scoop at the market. 

People laugh that I have everything so organized, but it's not so just I can find it... if I'm traveling and my husband needs to cook, or if I'm entertaining and someone wants to help, I want them to know where everything is without asking.  OCD I know.

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This is my first time here and I am absolutely inspired. Pantry organization is a constant struggle for me. So glad I came here tonight!

I'll say nice things about your post if you send me a nice knife! HAHA Seriously, you have a very nice setup. Many thanks for sharing and causing envy so early in the day

My pantry is nothing more than a closet and I have to be very careful what I store in it because some college graduate decided it would be wise to build a pantry closet NEXT TO A HEAT VENT. Not being an architect, I'm guessing it's the vent that funnels heat from the basement to our second floor. It's not wise to keep canned items in a warm place and until I can remedy the heat problem, I'm stuck using my kitchen cabinets to store heat sensitive items. If anyone knows what I can do to make the pantry less warm, please share!

I love how organized you are - speaks right to my OCD self! Since being diagnosed with Celiac and going gluten free, I've really acquired more cooking toys and ingredients and thus need to be more organized in my kitchen/pantry. And I'm loving my new cooking self!

WOW, nice, very nice. Thanks for sharing.

So, when are you coming to my house? :-)

I love it! You are so organized, Dawn! And as a transplanted Texan - my favorite was seeing the Ranch Style Beans!!! :-)

What a great idea using the cupboards for your food items and your pantry for dishes. That is causing me to rethink a few things for my kitchen. Thanks for sharing.

I'm new here but love this. Had a big walk in pantry in my house in the San Fernando valley; we moved to the high desert 2 yrs ago in November & NO WALK IN Pantry here! I have converted all of the laundry room cupboards into pantry shelves & even put one rack of shelves for spices on a wall between the kitchen & liv rm. Do a lot of cake/cupcake/cookie decorating w/grandkids so I have a huge supply of sprinkles, etc, that I stock up on after each holiday.We went from 3000 sq feet to 1500 & making space for everything is still a challenge.
also converted a broom cupboard into a cabinet for wineglasses & dessert dishes.

Yay, Ranch Style Beans! Very organized. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks all! There's a lot of hard work and love in this kitchen/pantry, and sadly we're moving so we won't get to enjoy it much longer!

Ooooh love your Tagine pan and all your enameled cookware. Very nice organization.

Don't worry, your next kitchen and pantry will be even better. Nice job. Your pantry is beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

I think it is ingenious to have the food stuffs in the kitchen and the pots, pans etc in the pantry - truly you are more apt to use multiple food items and only one pot or small electric at a time. I think it is efficient and makes me rethink my set up!

I love that you use your pantry as a cabinet and vice-versa. Great organization too!

I can only applaud you on your organizational skills. Your pantry looks wonderful, aligned, just the way I'd do it. Thanks for sharing it with us!

Oh my I love this one.

My pantry continues to evolve. This one looks

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