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Market to Pantry #3: Farmer's market, Sarasota, Florida

Sarasota farmer's market 

From Lyndsey (The Tiny Skillet):

Our farmer's market is located downtown and is open 7am-12noon every Saturday. It takes about 15 minutes for us to drive there, but we get there early enough to get good parking. It is located right near our Whole Foods Market so I like to go in there after the market.


It is a great place to go for the local and organic vegetables. It's fun to check out all the unique fruits and veggies that they sometimes have too.


These white eggplants were wonderful and a good find. You can get local honeys, and fresh made juice, flavored oils and more.


It is quite an event each Saturday morning. They have plenty of booths that sell everything from handmade goods to plants and flowers. It's so full of flavors, smells and colors.


We always have to get an empanada, they offer so many different kinds. You can get it to go and heat it up later or eat it as you shop. There you also find fresh made pastas, breads, and grilled meats and sausages. You can buy fresh fish and seafood, herbs and more. Even though they have it year round every Saturday, it's still treat to go.

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I wanted to reach into the monitor for an empanada...thanks!!!

The market looks really nice and you are LUCKY that it is open all year long Thanks for sharing

Thanks for giving me a place to share this. It's so nice to talk about things that I enjoy with those who don't look at you like you are strange, lol! I have a few more treats, but I have to remember to take my camera with me to grocery shop! :D

Lovely market and a great idea!
We have nice farmers markets in MN. Now, when I go places I'll make sure to take better photos, than I have been in the past!

The market looks beautiful - such fresh, healthy-looking produce! I also really like the shade overhead - great idea. My husband and I went to college in Sarasota in the 70's, but there were no farmer's markets or Whole Foods then! Thanks for sharing.

I'm a former Floridian - Tampa Bay area - and visit often. When in Sarasota, I always make sure to visit the farmers' market.

Farmer's Markets are wonderful! Thanks for

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