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Other People's Pantries #128

From Heather, in Chicago:

I’ve fallen in love with your website so I've sent some photos of my pantry. Who would have thought looking at other people’s cupboards could be so entertaining?


A photograph of my spices and baking ingredients. My daughter is an infant, so we have an abundance of baby food jars. I absolutely love this setup. Also, my husband is a graphic designer, so he created a “brand” for our family. Everything that I use now has our Love Bug logo on it, including my spice labels.


The top shelf includes cookie cutters and extra baking items. Second shelf includes disposable goods. The bottom shelf is set up as our coffee station.

The main storage space for my dry and canned items. Top shelf is for overflow. Second shelf down includes rice, beans, and crackers. Third shelf down includes pasta and bread crumbs.  Bottom shelf is canned goods. I’ve also attached cork board squares to the insides of the doors for easy access to recipes, lists, etc.


The baby’s cabinet. Top shelf again includes overflow items.

On Saturdays, for more than two years, we've been peeking into Other People's Pantries all around the world.

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the love bug gets ten thumbs up

So organized!! I agree, who knew it would be so entertaining to see the inside of cabinets and pantries, love it!

Baby food jars for spices. Oh man. So simple! My "baby" is 21 now and I could cry at the number of jars I put out for recycling.

I need to find somebody with a baby pronto!

Love the labels!
And love the jars, and the clean sweep of the shelves. I've used baby food jars for spices for a while -- perfect to hold a reasonable amount, wide mouth for measuring spoons. I once bought a case of baby food carrots, used them in pasta sauce and kept the jars. (Get on freecycle.com -- someone near you will have jars to give away.)

Very nice, thanks for sharing. PS love the miracle whip in the last shot! Our pantry cannot be without it.

Having your own personal label is such a great idea. The shelves look wonderful. I never used baby food but another small jar that would serve the same purpose is the jar that Smucker's special preserves strawberry jelly comes in. I'm sure that it would be easy to post a note in the supermarket or ask young mothers who use baby food for their empty jars. Your is a pantry filled w love.

Your cupboards are so organized. And I love the idea of the cork pads on the insides of the doors.

What a marvelously organized pantry. The love bug brand is cute!

The only thing I dislike is the Miracle Whip - ugh. Otherwise, what an organized - breath-of-fresh air are your pantries!!

Your own love bug label, that is the best thing ever!!
Great pantry.

I love how you have your spices. Where did you get those lazy susans with three shelves? Never seen that before, and could definitely us it.

I agree with Can-Can above--you do have a pantry filled with love.


Heather here. I'm glad that everyone is enjoying my photos, spice jars and labels. I love them too!

Regarding the Miracle Whip comments, my husband and I cannot agree on this either. He only eats Mayo and I only like Miracle Whip, so we always have to have both on hand.

Fantastic organization!!! Great labeling!

The love bug family logo is adorable!

Your spice jars are the best! Love the love bug too.

How do you print the labels? I have been using a label that you can write on and erase, but I'd be willing to use more paper to have such a charming display. I wonder what you do with the extra spices since I would guess the baby food jars don't hold all that the original jar does.


I use Avery labels and print them on the computer. The only downside is that you cannot get them wet or they run. I've been successful at keeping them nice so far.

Regarding extra spices, I haven't had too much of a problem. A small jar of spice fits nicely into a small baby food jar. We have a couple of larger jars (Stage 3 baby food that holds more). My daughter hated the Stage 3 food, so I'm really limited in the number of those jars that I own. For spices that I buy in bulk (basil, oregano), I fit as much as I can into the glass jar, then keep the overflow in another area. I honestly only have about 3-4 spices like that. Living in a major city where space is a premium, I always have to weigh buying in bulk with having space to store it.

Thanks, Heather

Please let me know where you found the three level lazy susan.

I hope my pantry was as spotlessly clean as this one.

I found the lazy susan at Target. It's specifically made for baby food jars and was located in the baby section. I've noticed that they are also sold at Baby's-R-Us and on Amazon.


Thanks Heather for posting where you found the "spice rack". I couldn't find it on target.com, but I did find it on Amazon....here's the link for those who are interested:


I have to have one of those spice racks too. Wish I would of thought of that when my children were little. I'm going to have to find a little one and have them donate them to grandma now.
Thanks for sharing your pantry. Nice job.

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