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Other People's Pantries #127

From Michèle, in Halifax, Nova Scotia:

Well this is my pantry ish, since I've started to watch Nigella Lawson's cooking show, I had pantry envy so I organized my home as best as I could with what I had. We are moving in a few months and all I can think about it how I can achieve a walk in pantry.


My partner calls this whole obsession with food, pantry and the latest spices and herbs "Women porn"!  Oddly enough a well organized and stocked pantry (hopefully with homemade canned goods shortly) makes me feel proud and accomplished. The kitchen is really the heart of a home.  


I love to cook, present food like in a 5-star restaurant and take photography of the food so I can create my own recipe book. I also have an herb garden which I forgot to take picture of. Here are my photos of my tiny little paradise.




On Saturdays, for more than two years, we've been peeking into Other People's Pantries all around the world.

*There is only one more pantry to share. If you'd like this feature to continue -- if you've been meaning to send your photos but haven't gotten around to it -- please send in your pantry photos. Here's how.

Or, put your camera to work on our new feature, Market to Pantry, alternating with Other People's Pantries beginning July 10. Show us where you shop for ingredients for your own perfect pantry! Here's how.

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Is that an alphabetical spice file I see?? pOrn indeed hahahaaha

I love the stacked and labeled containers!

Yes it's an alphabetical spice file...lol I was getting frustrated to find what I needed and the baggy idea came from old jars of spices that turned stale, this way I only buy what I need and always have fresh spices. =)

I too love the alphabetical spice file. I always have way more spices than I have room for, and inevitably end up with baggies!

Food Porn. Yes it's a real thing! I LOVE anything food, pantry related!
Your pantry is very organized! Great job!

What a wonderful collection of rice. I hope your new home has jsut the oantry you want as I can see it will be well used and beautifully organised. Happy Cooking!!!

An alphabetical spice fill can kick start an organized pantry and takes stress off the cooking process when you're in a hurry. I did it, inspired by this blog. Many thanks.

Speaking of Nigella-envy - I love her library! I console myself with the wonder that is the internet and the amazing public library service here. Best wishes with creating a pantry that works for you in your new home.

Thanks everyone =) The pantry is coming along, we are in a rental so I have to make due, but i have a walk in storage that i can use half of, so it makes me happy.

and for Nigella's library, I so very agree, I only have about 20-30 books so far, love them, i'm very visual, I can sit in bed at night and red recipe books, so inspiring. My partner calls me a dork for getting so exited about the simplest things including a variety of salts or storage containers..lol

Very nice, glad I stopped by today. Thanks for sharing.

I am speechless with envy!

Yay! I'm from Halifax too :) Your pantry is very inspiring and the alphabetical spices are fabulous!

I love the idea of the ABC file for spices - brilliant!

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