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Market to Pantry #2: Ernie's Harvest Time, Lynn, Massachusetts

Ernies market1 

From Carol (Cabinet Stew):

Over the weekend I had a chance to visit one of my local places. Ernie's Harvest Time in Lynn, Massachusetts, about 12 miles north of Boston. They are a family run shop in business for over 60 years! 

They specialize in well-priced fruits and veggies. Fresh and unusual cuts of meat. Homemade deli items. Their homemade chicken salad is delicious and recently they were sampling their own meatballs and red sauce at the deli! Delicious!!


I like to buy a certain bread there. An "Old Style Armenian bread" -- the tag calls it 'Matnakhash." I don't know if that is the brand or the name for the kind of bread.


It is flat but fluffy -- like a soft foccacia. I slit it and stuff some chicken salad in it, or better yet, broil it with thin sliced tomatoes, feta and olive oil sprinkled on top.

Along with the usual selection of fruits and vegetables they have lots of unusual and ethic items.

The best part is they usually have some "truckload special" of a fruit or vegetable. On this trip I bought pints of red raspberries for FIFTY CENTS each! I got four pints. With any market like that it pays to inspect carefully before buying as the fruit specials are priced really well because they are very ripe and need to be sold. I promptly washed and dried my "peak of ripe" raspberries and individually froze them so I could have them later in the year for dessert, muffins or a even a pie!

One thing I like about Ernie's, although most would disagree, is they are closed on Sunday. I like that Ernie cares enough to give his employees a day of rest. They are open late weekdays (till 7pm) so I can still zip in after work and get inspired for dinner.

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Ernies sounds very nice...thanks for sharing and i like the Sunday policy too.

This place sounds great! I would love to check out the truckload specials! We have an Amish market that closes on Sundays too, one of my favorite places for local produce. Maybe I'll get some photos of that!

But that bread....mmmmm....I want some now!

I want some bread now too! :-) - carol

Next time I'm headed north of Boston, I'm definitely going to stop at this market. That bread looks too good to pass up!

Fantastic post, especially because it made my stomach growl with hunger. That bread!

Lydia - be sure to let me know if you are going to plan a trip north of Boston and I will give a full list of suggestions for an "eating tour" (and bring an empty cooler!)

Moving back to Lynn three years ago, I couldn't find a decent cut of Meat. That was until I found Ernie's Harvest Time, relocated to Essex Street. Their cuts far exceeded the "big name" chains and the prices, surprisely, were better. If you live in Lynn and struggle to find a good Meat Shop, as I once did, visit Ernie's. You won't be disappointed.

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