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Market to Pantry #1: Hillers Market, Ann Arbor, Michigan


From Mae (Mae's Food Blog):

Hillers Market here in Ann Arbor, Michigan, offers basic American groceries including a bakery, produce department, meat counter, and dairy section. It stocks paper products, beer, wine, breakfast cereals, cookies, canned soups -- the standards. It also offers specialized foods such as huge bags of rice (I wouldn't use them in a lifetime), Latin American canned goods and condiments, imports from Asia and the Middle East, flour from Bob's Red Mill and King Arthur, a large choice of olive oils and vinegars, and other products for specialized cooking. Hillers tries to meet the needs of the many ethnic communities that live here, which makes it a very interesting place to shop. When I want to follow ethnic recipes, I'm amazed at how many of the ingredients can be found in one place. 





On Saturdays, for more than two years, we've been peeking into Other People's Pantries all around the world.

Here's how.

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Oh my goodness! I LOVE Osem soup mix! I use the "chicken style consomme" in EVERYTHING. I'm vegetarian, so that's how I get around the chicken stock called for in recipes. Only one store sold it here, and only in that flavor -- so when they stopped carrying it I bought every container they had left on the shelf, at half price! I'm not sure I'll ever run out of it now, LOL! But I'd love some beef-flavored soup mix -- I think I'll have to hunt for it online, or plan a road trip to Ann Arbor this month!

You are lucky to be able to shop at a store with such diverse product choices. thanks for taking the time to share

I also enjoy Hiller's!

(I also live in Ann Arbor. :)

That looks like a fun place to shop!

Wow! Great to see Hiller's as the first reader-submitted Market-to-Pantry feature! It is one of the best places to pantry stock in Ann Arbor, a foodie-centered town (home of Zingerman's) with many choices for food shopping.

Looks like a fun market!

What a great market! I'm reminded of the times my parents traveled and how they loved to find local markets just like this one to see all the interesting things that other folks eat. Not only did they enjoy historical sites and natural beauty, but they loved grocery stores and local farmers' markets too.

wow! not only does it have a great variety of ethnic foods but it appears they are available in bulk too!

I love Hiller's in Ann Arbor. I go to Ann Arbor to shop a couple of times a week. I find interesting items there. It is my go to store for hard to find items as well. They have a wonderful Btitish section as well as others mentioned. When my husband goes to a wilod game dinner I go to Hillers to get him unusual things to take. I live about 25 miles away and also hit Whole Foods and Trader Joe's just down the street when I am there.

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